SARAH (f) "lady" or "princess" (Hebrew). This was the name of the wife of Abraham in the Old Testament. She became the mother of Isaac at the age of 90. Her name was originally Sarai, but God changed it (see Genesis 17:15).

So there's this new girl in my life. She's amazing. Her name is Sarah Marttunen and she is here in Victoria. So, I am not single anymore, but I am involved in a relationship with Sarah.

Wow, I am so excited. I wish I could show you how excited I am!
You can all pray for Sarah and my relationship to continue to be centered and built on God.

Some pictures of Sarah. **UPDATED**
Some pictures of Sarah and Jeff. **NEW**

Once again, that's:
Jeffrey Matthew Larson and
Sarah Elizabeth Marttunen
are together.

God Bless you Sarah! You are a beautiful person.

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