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Jeffrey and Andrea's Trip to the Land Down-Under
This site is all about Jeffrey and Andrea's Trip to Australia starting in September 2003.

Photo of Jeffrey Larson
Travel Maps
Travel Maps Page In the Travel Maps section of this site, you can see exactly what cities were visited and where there are.

Jeffrey's Travelogue

Andrea's Travelogue
In the Travelogues section of this site, we will post comments and keep a sort of diary about our travels as we go along. With these updates you will be able to follow along our trip, where we have been and what we have done.
Travel Pictures
Travel Picture Gallery The Travel Picture Gallery will contain pictures from our trip. We will try to update the gallery with new albums as often as we can. I [Jeff] will be taking a lot of digital shots with my new camera so I will put them up whenever I get to use the internet.

Andrea: What's the Plan?
Andrea is going to Australia along with a few of her friends to work and travel and just have an awesome time.

Student Work Abroad Program : SWAP Australia

"I am going on a great adventure to Australia for about 8 months. The 8 months will be partly working and learning how to take care of myself, and the other will be for travelling and site seeing... for example: Great Barrier Reef, scuba diving, Sydney Opera House, Byron Bay, Ayers Rock, learning how to SURF!! I will be travelling with my bro, friends, and I'm sure other people I will meet while down there. It will be a great experience, and most likely a time to learn more about myself." - Andrea

Jeffrey: What's the Plan?
Jeffrey has decided to go to Australia alone to explore, backpack, surf, meet people and gain more world perspective.

Travel Cuts : Australia

"As you probably know already, I am nearing the end of my Engineering Degree at UVic. I have had a number of co-op workterms in BC and Alberta and I have completed those requirement so I have a free semester this fall before completing my degree in the spring of 2004. So I thought, 'hey, why not seize this opportunity to hop a plane and check out Australia (I`ve always wanted to go there!) and Malaysia.' I'll be chillin' in Oz for 3 months and then its off to Malaysia for half a month before making my way back to Canada. I created this website so you could trace Andrea's and my travels so stay tuned to the travelogues and photo albums. With this site you can even check the weather in a city near us." - Jeffrey

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