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Planes and Waiting for more Planes
Posted by Jeffrey on September 11, 2003 in Sydney, Australia
  Well after 48 hours of travelling I am now here, actually I've been in Sydney for a day and a half now. Andrea arrived this morning so that's cool.
I guess I just wasn't expecting the plane to be as uncomfortable as it was... it was neat to be able to follow the planes position going across the Pacific for about 1 or 2 hours but after the 12th hour I was ready to get on some hard land. When I landed in Taipei it was 30C and it was 5am! Flying over Taiwan was 'meh' but I rather liked the sight of Malaysia, I'll be looking forward to checking KL out in December.
So I got a hotel room in KL for a few hours and ate a meal on land and then shuttled back to the airport for another 8 hour flight. I still feel like I'm on and airplane or a boat... feels like the ground is moving.
On my first day here in Sydney (WOO HOO I'm actually here in Australia!!!) I met Mike who is from the UK. We got the same room in the hostel where I'm staying for the next 4 days at least... (same one as Andrea's at too) and he's a really cool guy. We went our separate ways after getting set up with a room and then I went exploring in the morning and bumped into him in Botanical Gardens downtown.... so we spent the rest of the day hanging out and had a few beers in the evening. I got to see the famous Harbour Bridge and the Opera House we all know about. I haven't had a change to upload any pictures but I have taken some and I'll ge them up when I can.
Sydney is a big city and it is probably like many other big cities, so after a week or 2 I plan to head north get into a smaller backpackers place, cheaper and more 'Australian'. Haven't set in stone where I would like to head but I know that it'll fall into place once I've been here for a while longer.

Sydney Arrival Pictures Posted!

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