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Off to Coff's
Posted by Jeffrey on September 23, 2003 in Nambucca Heads, Australia
  Hey yo,

After spending a whole day (24hrs) in Port Macquarie (where I saw my first Koala at the Koala Hospital and walked kilometres of beautiful beaches) I decided to head to Nambucca Heads.
Nice little town it is, except that when I got here they told me that the backpacker's hostel had closed down. So without too much convincing I went to stay at the Beilby's Beach House B&B.
Beilby's Beach House
Anyway, it cost me $40 for the night but I got my own room, with bathroom and TV (which is way more than I'll see in any other place I'm planning on staying... and included all you can eat breakfast.
So, I walked around here a lot and just layed on the beach for a couple hours in the sun... wearing SPF 30 of course. heheh, what did you do today?
Anyway, I'm catching the bus to Coff's Harbour, which is aparently 60,000 people and has a number of not closed hostels (: Not sure how long I'll stay there but the next will be Byron Bay.
So, I'm having a great time and lovin being on my own.
Hey and you know what!? I found a place and bought a camera cable in Port Macquarie so I'll probably post the pictures since last upload in the next couple days.
Peace Out... I'm goin to catch the bus.

Jeffrey's Travelogue Post/Edit A Message As Jeffrey
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