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Biking and Beaching
Posted by Jeffrey on September 25, 2003 in Coff's Harbour, Australia
I've been in Coff's Harbour for a couple of days... I posted a bunch of pictures yesterday so check them out in the 'Travel Pictures' section of this website.

Anyway, I went on quite a big mountain bike trek yesterday, rode alone and rode hard... it was fun, out in the wilderness of this subtropical area of Australia. Near the end of my bike I saw a huge lizard... at least 4 feet long and a couple fists around the belly... I got a couple photos of him so you'll see them eventually.
Today I chilled down at the beach with a Tasmanian named Jeff and a few English folks... swimming on and off and trying to get some sun on my skin... its coming along. We came back to the hostel and played a good couple hours of volleyball in the pool. Fun.
Tomorrow I plan to take a canoe out on Coff's creek and check that out... the hostel provides the canoes free.
I think I'll head to Byron Bay the day after tomorrow. Looking forward to that.

Jeffrey's Travelogue Post/Edit A Message As Jeffrey
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