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My compass is Messed!
Posted by Jeffrey on October 28, 2003 in Magnetic Island, Australia
  Yo, I took a bus the day before yesterday to Townsville and then the ferry to Magnetic Island... decent length and I was entertained with the NZ boys and a Scot. We got in and chilled because there were barely any people at the hostel and even the whole island.
The next day we moved to a different hostel because I had a free night there, and then we went on a little hike over a hill to get to a deserted beach... it was really nice, big piled up rock formations everywhere and waves to swim in a bit.
We chilled for the rest of the afternoon and the Kiwi's took off. This new hostel called 'Geoff's Place' was absolute crap... I recommend that no one ever go there.
Anyway, I didn't enjoy the sleep last night at all, and Scott the Scot and I are catching the ferry/bus to Cairns this afternoon. I have 2 free nights at a hostel there but I have no solid plans after that.
A few more pictures should be coming within the week.

Jeffrey's Travelogue Post/Edit A Message As Jeffrey
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