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Fitzroy Island
Posted by Jeffrey on November 02, 2003 in Cairns, Australia
  I've now been in Cairns, Queensland for about 5 days and it's been pretty good. I first stayed at Bohemia Resort hostel for 2 nights and did not meet anyone! so I moved to Asylum hostel which isn't as nice to look at, but I've met heaps of people here, from Germany, Britain, Brazil, Canada and so on.
The day before yesterday I took a ferry to Fitzroy Island and spent the day in the sun and snorkling... it was nice. Before we got back on the ferry to come back to Cairns we saw a huge shark swimming circles right on shore, super close to the beach... exciting!
I have now book my way through the centre of Australia... I start a tour to Alice Springs next Saturday, I get to camp out at Uluru (Ayer's Rock) and then tour down to Adelaide, and then across the south Great Ocean Road all the way to Melbourne. By the time this is finished it will leave me at about the 4th week of November, so my trip is half over which seems quite wierd... but I miss my Sarah so much and she tells me that we will see each other in less days that I have been gone so far. Nice!
I am enjoying myself thoroughly and I love the heat here... its usually 30-38 here in Cairns... just so you know. It's kinda odd that when you walk down the street at night you get sweaty (:
I haven't finished putting the pictures up from Fitzroy Island up, but you can look at the ones up so far.

Thanks for reading this!

Jeffrey's Travelogue Post/Edit A Message As Jeffrey
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