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What's that blue stuff?
Posted by Jeffrey on November 16, 2003 in Adelaide, Australia
  So I saw water again today, after being away from it for what seemed like a long time... I'm in Adelaide for the night and I even put on a pair of pants which I hadn't done in a month and a half!
The 2 day outback drive from Alice Springs to Adeliade was relatively uneventful, since we were to cover 1600 km's in 2 days we had to drive most of the time. There were only 8 tourists on the bus including myself and one of them was an insane lady... 3 Japanese girls, an Italian fellow and a Belgian couple. This lady believed there were conspiracy groups following her around because she was a scientist... and they made bad things happen. We stopped in Coober Pedy for the night last night and in that town 70% of the 5000 people that live there have underground homes... it's an opal mining town and we had a bit of a tour and stayed in undergroud dorms. The power went out while we were underground and the lady said it was because of the stupid people... and that she didn't like them. After it came back on 5 hours later, she said that it was because she wrote their name on a piece of paper and that they read it with lasers and turned the power back on. I'm guessing she had serious psychological disorder of something because she wouldn't eat with us and "had work to do" which was her "personal business". Schitzo anyone? Wierd?!
Anyway, I was surprised at how well the driver dude handled her, she was quite annoying and would go on and on about crazy nothings... I definately couldn't do his job... well, I wouldn't want to.
Tonite I am staying at a hostel in downtown Adelaide (pop approx 2,000,000) called Blue Galah and tomorrow I start on my 3.5 day trip to Melbourne along the Great Ocean Road... should be good... and once I get to Melbourne I have no plans except I must be in Sydney before December the 8th for my flight to Kuala Lampur... although I will likely go there earlier so I can attend Hillsong Church once again.

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