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The Pride of Africa
Posted by Jeffrey on November 21, 2003 in Melbourne, Australia
  My trip across the classic coast to over the Great Ocean Road was fabulous. The bus was packed, all the seats full, but because we were able to upgrade to a motel accomodation instead of hostels, there were quite a number of older folk travelling with us backpackers... not the best but I had fun nonetheless.
When I first got on the bus I sat next to a Black guy, there were 5 of them on the trip, and I talked to him for a bit... his name was Isaac and they were all from South Africa. Anyway, he was studying the theology of the Anglican Church and Isaac was his Roman Catholic name given when he was baptised by the missionaries. Cool. At our first stop in Strathalbyn, he said he had something to tell me but said he would tell me later. OK, so he wrote a note for me in his journal and handed it to me saying "Put it back on my seat when your are finished." What did it say you ask? Well it read "I am so sorry, but I am so very attracted to you, I cannot help but tell you this...." (!!!!) Wow, I have never been in that situation before! An African Christian homo hitting on me... uhhh, so yah "This is a picture of my GIRLfriend." Apparently they were all gay and were travelling Australia after a convention or something. Crazy! What do you think about that?
Anyway, we drove past many pink salt lakes (colour from the bacteria that grows in it) and went to the Coorong for lunch, an aboriginal reserve... checked out some sand dunes and the shelly beach, saw the 'big crayfish' in Kingston, and landed in Beachport for the night... I was chilling out with a Dutch, American and a Swiss (french) group of girls, was fun. The next day we made it to Canunda National Park and checked out some cool ocean rock landscape, then to Umperston Sinkhole and saw the Big Blue Lake (bright blue!). We hiked around the rim of Mount Shank--a volcano crater--and then stopped in Nelson for lunch. After that we checked out the Petrified forest and some blowholes at the ocean. We checked out Tower Hill State Game Reserve (another volcano) where I stalked wallabies, emus and koalas. Then we finally got to the cool stuff near the Great Ocean Road at the Bay of Martyrs... 5 mins to the Grotto, and then London Bridge, to Port Campbell for lunch. We saw the Island Arch, Razorbacks and chilled in Loch Ard Gorge for a bit. Next, the Twelve Apostles were amazing! We checked out Maits Rest Rainforest Walk and then stayed at Apollo Bay for the night. Went past Bells Beach and then onto Melbourne... good trip.
It started raining when I arrived here which was a changed for me, and I found my way to Kingsley College where I am staying with a bunch of American students... cool free accomodation. Not sure how long I'll be here or what I'll be checking out but I'm glad to not have a tour planned. (:
I'm trying to catch up on all the pictures that I've been not uploading so be patient and they should be coming soon.

Jeffrey's Travelogue Post/Edit A Message As Jeffrey
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