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Blue Mountains are blue from far away
Posted by Jeffrey on December 05, 2003 in Sydney, Australia
  Had a cool Blue Mountain daytrip yesterday... I quite enjoyed myself. First we went to the Sydney Olympic Park and checked out the building and stuff... then we went to Featherdale Wildlife Park, we were there for about an hour. Then we went and walked down Furber Steps and saw the Three Sisters and Katoomba Falls. We rode the Scenic Railway up the hill (this is the steepest railway in the world, 52 degrees!) and then made our way on a gravel dirt road out to the Grand Canyon... Grouse Valley. It was magnificent to look at. Then we headed to a pub and chilled for a bit before making our way back to Sydney. I got along quite well with the two English blokes an a few of the Dutchies that came along too.
I only have 3 more days in Aussieland!

PS- Email me you people! I promise I'll reply...

Jeffrey's Travelogue Post/Edit A Message As Jeffrey
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