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Northmost Island in Malaysia
Posted by Jeffrey on December 15, 2003 in Pulau Langkawi, Malaysia
  Since I last wrote I took another day to chill in Penang since one of my days turned out to be quite stressful... I just walked to the Komtar mall and looked around, got a disposable camera and some batteries for my discman.
In the evening I went with a couple Irish girls and a Swedish guy and Sophie (the french girl, she caught up with me) to Kapitans Indian Restorant. I had Tandori Chicken and Naan bread and then a Banana Roti Canai for desert, yummy! and all for less than $5.
Today I got up early and caught a ferry north to Pulau Langkawi which is quite resortish and it has some nice beaches... today I swam in the ocean and read on the beach... tomorrow or the next day I think I will explore more and hire a scooter/motorbike to tour the northern part of the island, supposedly nicer beaches.
Not sure where I will go from here, but I might actually stay here until heading back to KL if I feel like it or I am told that I should not miss something within my reach.
Take care,

Jeffrey's Travelogue Post/Edit A Message As Jeffrey
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