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Final Day
Posted by Jeffrey on December 21, 2003 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  Yo, so I caught the ferry/bus back to KL yesterday and it was fine. Took about 10 hours total, which wasn't too bad, read a book and listened to my discman. So today was my last full day in Malaysia so I slept in (: and when I got up and got ready I went shopping. Went to BB plaza here in the Golden Triangle and then I caught transit across to Mid Valley... another big mall. Ok ok ok, so I did decide to get another digital camera before I came home, get it at a discount... so I bought a Canon Powershot A80, and all the fixin', hey, sometimes you just gotta treat yourself (:
Anyway, I bought a few little things to bring home, and shopped around China town and Petaling Street, which is like a big market... where you can buy Rolex watch's and Oakley for a few bucks.
Tomorrow morning I catch a coach KL International Airport and then its take off time to Vancouver through Taipei and LA. I'll arrive back in Canada and like 10:30pm... get to see my girls smilin face when I get there too!!!! WAhoo!
I think I need to get up early and buy another bag to put some of my stuff in cause I now have more than I started with and the backpack doesn't fit it all.
So, for those of you I will see soon, See you soon! ... and for those who I won't, hopefully I'll talk to you soon!
Cheers mates!

Jeffrey's Travelogue Post/Edit A Message As Jeffrey
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