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  • Hamamatsu Photonics
    - Hamamatsu's Photoreflectors are used as light sensors for the Path Seeker.

  • The Handy Board
    - 6811-based microcontroller system with the Handy Board Expansion Board used for the Path Seeker's brain.

  • Interactive C
    - Programming language and interactive command-line compilation and debugging tool used to code Path Seeker's smarts.

  • Protel
    - Board-level design system used to draw schematic and layout Path Seeker's sensor PCB.

  • ELEC/CENG 499 Project
    - The Path Seeker Project was completed at the University of Victoria for fun, and credit in the ELEC/CENG 499 Project Course.

This website has been designed for the ELEC / CENG 499 design project at the University of Victoria.
The Path Seeker project team's supervisor was Dr. Ashoka Bhat

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