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Path Seeker Overview

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Project Motivation

The purpose of the project is to construct a small autonomous vehicle (called Path Seeker) that has the ability to follow a trajectory set by a continuous path printed on a planar surface (e.g. a paved road). The aim of the project is to develop a simple low cost platform that could ultimately evolve into a test vehicle for path tracking control algorithms, which find their ultimate application in aerospace, robotics and industrial control.

Path Seeker

In March of 2004, the team completed the first prototype of the Path Seeker. The Path Seeker is a small two-axle autonomous vehicle (1/10 of the scale of a regular road vehicle) that can follow a path set by a line of paint of a bright color on top of a dark surface.

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The Path Seeker project team's supervisor was Dr. Ashoka Bhat

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