Jul 30 2001


Jeffrey Larson

I think friends are a true blessing from God. God says “every good and perfect gift comes from above” (James 1:16-18) and that is what I think friendship is. It is a good and perfect gift. We all need to be supported and lifted up in different times in our lives and I believe our friends were meant to do this. (Ecclesiastes 4:10) We were meant to support our friends as much as we can.

A friend should be there always. They should share in your joys and they share in your sorrows. They should not just be there when things are going good, but all the time. Friendship cannot be turned on and off like a microwave.

You should be able to be yourself with friends, not fake or “cool” trying to impress them. A friend knows who you are, more than an acquaintance or another person (classmate, co-worker, team-mate).

Friendships are made, not born?

We are all born into a family, but we grow into friendships. Members of your family may be your best friends. But if they are, I suspect it’s more a matter of spirit than of blood.

Sometimes we lose touch with friends. We move away. We change jobs. Our lives take unexpected turns. Yet there is one friendship upon which every one of us may depend. It is a friendship available to all who will call upon the name of the Ultimate Friend.

The Ultimate Friend?

That friendship is with Jesus, and the formula for that relationship is described in warm words in John 15:12-17. It’s a friendship based on the greatest love of all. If you haven’t experienced it you don’t know what you’re missing.