Sep 28 2001


Jeffrey Larson

The thing I want most is what God wants for me. My heart is that all that is of me, that is of my human nature, my sinful nature, is left and God fills me with his Spirit. I want to be able to say that I will submit anything, even the things that I feel I have earned or that I feel I have put too much time into to give up. But for Him, it would be worth following His lead.

I think it is kinda funny how Christians use the same analogies again and again, and the one I think I hear the most often is going through the valleys to get to the peaks. These analogies help us humans understand (partially) how this life continues on, even though I don’t think this life can be fully described by words. This is a song I have been listening to a lot recently… it is probably my favourite song right now.

If You Want Me To
Words and Music by Ginny Owens and Kyle Matthews: BMG Songs, Inc. (Gospel Division)/Above The Rim Music (Administered by BMG Songs, Inc.) (ASCAP)

The pathway is broken
The signs are unclear
I can’t find the reason why You led me here
But just because You love me the way that You do
I will go through the valley
If You want me to

Now I’m not who I was
When I took my first step
And I’m clinging to the promise You’re not through with me yet
And if all of these trials can make me like You
I will go through the fire
If You want me to

It may not be the way I would have chosen
‘Cause it leads me through a world that’s not my home
But You never said it would be easy
Only that I’ll never go alone

When the whole world turns against me
And I’m all by myself
And I can’t hear You answer my cries for help
I’ll remember the suffering Your love put You through
And I will go through the valley
If You want me to

Our struggles and sufferings seem huge, they seem really tough. But the fact is, we can make it through them in His strength. They are nothing compared to Christ’s sufferings. Glory to the highest, for he has conquered death. The battle against evil has already been won, hallelujah.

Jeffrey Larson,
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