May 27 2003

I want a Digital Camera

Jeffrey Larson

I have decided that I definately want to buy a digital camera to take on my trip. It would be so nice to be able to take a lot of pictures, and upload them to my website, not worrying about film. Thing is, these things are expensive, so I want to find a (used but in good condition?) camera from within Canada. I’m thinking 1.3 to 2.0Mpixel and I like Canon and Olympus products right now for some reason.

May 20 2003

Travel Agent

Jeffrey Larson

I checked out flights and trips at the TravelCuts on UVic’s campus. The travel agent girl told me that 3 month travel Visa’s for Australia are free, and once-in-your-lifetime 1-year working Visa’s are available as well. I only have 4 months to spare this fall since I have to be back for my last semester of school, so I am not interested in the working Visa. She also told me that roundtrip flights from Vancouver to Melbourne Australia, are about $1695.00 CAD + taxes. This flight would be for departure from September 1 and return on December 4, with a stop-over (of any duration!!) in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. I’ll think about it.

May 5 2003

Passport Received

Jeffrey Larson

My passport came in the mail today… via Xpresspost. That’s 5 days earlier than they said it would take!