Jun 20 2003

New Camera

Jeffrey Larson

I finally decided to go for it, and buy a new digital camera. I had enough of the unpleasantries of trying to find the best ebay deal out there…. and then this new camera was made that had my name written all over it (well, not literally).

I have now purchased the Olympus D-390 Digital Camera, it’s a basic point and shoot camera that takes 2.0 Megapixel images. You can Click Here for more information. Sweet Action, I’m stoked about this… now I’ll be able to take tonnes of picture while in Australia and just post them on this website.

Jun 17 2003

Ideas to start planning

Jeffrey Larson

Ok, so I am planning a trip to the southern hemisphere. I want to hit the mainland of Australia (the south, east, and north coast, maybe even west!) and there is also a possibility of exploration in South-East Asia (Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, Singapore). I guess we’ll see how the SARS situation is in those locations when the time gets closer.

Jun 10 2003


Jeffrey Larson

I need a travelpack. I looked at Valhalla Pure Outfitters today and the prices look to be $130-200+ … yikes! Sarah said that I may be able to borrow her “packsack” (its a 40-litre) for the trip… and also her small little hiking sleeping bag. That would be sweet!