Sep 29 2003

Chillin’ in Byron

Jeffrey Larson


I got into Byron Bay the day before yesterday and I had a ‘lovely’ day here. I stayed another night in my original hostel and then moved to a Nomads… which was cheaper. Yesterday I went and bought a new beach towel and then lazed on the beach for a good amount of time… I also boogey boarded which was fun in nearly empty water. I want to try surfing again here but I think I will have to pay to hire the board.

I biked up to the lighthouse here in Byron before sunset, and walked to the most easternly part of mainland Australia… you’ll see the pictures when I post them.

I’m not sure how long I’ll stay here but it’s nice… so I dunno.

I’ve finished 2 novels (Michael Crichton’s) in the past 4 days so you that know me well might be surprised by this, as I am.

Anyway, I checked my email box today and it was empty… sad day. Hope you are all doing well… and enjoying the pictures.



Sep 25 2003

Biking and Beaching

Jeffrey Larson


I’ve been in Coff’s Harbour for a couple of days… I posted a bunch of pictures yesterday so check them out in the ‘Travel Pictures’ section of this website.

Anyway, I went on quite a big mountain bike trek yesterday, rode alone and rode hard… it was fun, out in the wilderness of this subtropical area of Australia. Near the end of my bike I saw a huge lizard… at least 4 feet long and a couple fists around the belly… I got a couple photos of him so you’ll see them eventually.

Today I chilled down at the beach with a Tasmanian named Jeff and a few English folks… swimming on and off and trying to get some sun on my skin… its coming along. We came back to the hostel and played a good couple hours of volleyball in the pool. Fun.

Tomorrow I plan to take a canoe out on Coff’s creek and check that out… the hostel provides the canoes free.

I think I’ll head to Byron Bay the day after tomorrow. Looking forward to that.


Sep 23 2003

Off to Coff’s

Jeffrey Larson

Hey yo,

After spending a whole day (24hrs) in Port Macquarie (where I saw my first Koala at the Koala Hospital and walked kilometres of beautiful beaches) I decided to head to Nambucca Heads.

Nice little town it is, except that when I got here they told me that the backpacker’s hostel had closed down. So without too much convincing I went to stay at the Beilby’s Beach House B&B.

Beilby’s Beach House

Anyway, it cost me $40 for the night but I got my own room, with bathroom and TV (which is way more than I’ll see in any other place I’m planning on staying… and included all you can eat breakfast.

So, I walked around here a lot and just layed on the beach for a couple hours in the sun… wearing SPF 30 of course. heheh, what did you do today?

Anyway, I’m catching the bus to Coff’s Harbour, which is aparently 60,000 people and has a number of not closed hostels (: Not sure how long I’ll stay there but the next will be Byron Bay.

So, I’m having a great time and lovin being on my own.

Hey and you know what!? I found a place and bought a camera cable in Port Macquarie so I’ll probably post the pictures since last upload in the next couple days.

Peace Out… I’m goin to catch the bus.

Sep 20 2003

Heading to Port Macquarie

Jeffrey Larson

I’ve had an awesome time here in Newcastle and today I went and bought a bus ticket. For just over $300 I get bussed all the way up to Cairns (Great Barrier Reef) and I can stop anywhere, as often and for as long as I want.

So tomorrow I am bussing to Port Macquarie which is about 4 hours North of Newcastle. I’ve enjoyed my stay here in Newcastle, went for a bike ride yesterday and a long walk out to the lighthouse this afternoon.

Andrea Chelsey and David checked out this morning and they are flying as I type to Cairns today. They plan on looking for work right away… but since I’m not going to work, and I would just want to go and travel, I decided to head off on my own. There are tonnes of people that are going the same way as me, I can’t wait to get to Byron Bay.

Oh by the way, I lost my camera USB cable (about $10 to replace) but I’ll have to stay in one place so they can order me in one… so as soon as I get another one I’ll be able to upload the pictures from Newcastle and so on, but until then you’ll have to hold on to the ones I’ve uploaded already.


Sep 19 2003

Newcastle Ho!

Jeffrey Larson

So on Tuesday we left Sydney and caught the train to Newcastle — a couple hours north of Sydney — and got hooked up in a hostel ‘Backpackers by the beach’. Its been fantastic here, so far we’ve had 3 free dinners, and we’ve only been here 4 nights. We’ve hit the beach 3 days in a row and its been nice. Boogey boarding and surfing for the first time yesterday was fun stuff… although I did get a little rash from the board rubbing on my arms a lot, it would be better with a wetsuit. Andrea Chelsey and David and I will probably continue on North maybe soon. The girls are checking out if a flight up to Cairns is plausible, to traverse the coast downwards instead of upwards. I’m going to ride a bike through the city today, check it out and take some photos, I’ll post these newcastle photos the next chance I get.

I’ve had enough of drinking excess quantities of beer and other beverages… for me it loses its fun fairly quickly.


Sep 15 2003

First Weekend Here

Jeffrey Larson

It’s been a pretty cool weekend. I have now been to Bondi Beach here in Sydney which apparently has a huge number of British people there at any given time. You can see a few pictures from Bondi Beach by clicking here.

I also finally experience a live Hillsong worship service and it was awesome I gottaa say. There are 2 worship centres (2 congregations from the same church) in Sydney and Andrea David Chelsey and I went to the City Worship Centre. It was fantastic… Darlene and the rest of the crew were awesome, such good worship, I was moved to tears at one point. *They sound even better in person* So fun to sing along. After the service we were ushered into the Visitor’s lounge where they made us hot chocolate and coffees and fed us cookies, hung out and gave us a free hillsong gift. I’ll look forward to the next time I get to come to a service, hopefully I’ll make it to the bigger centre next time. (I took a couple snapshots that I’ll post later).

Anyway, I gotta go catch up with the others, we’re going to the beach this afternoon.

Thanks for reading!

Sep 11 2003

Planes and Waiting for more Planes

Jeffrey Larson

Well after 48 hours of travelling I am now here, actually I’ve been in Sydney for a day and a half now. Andrea arrived this morning so that’s cool.

I guess I just wasn’t expecting the plane to be as uncomfortable as it was… it was neat to be able to follow the planes position going across the Pacific for about 1 or 2 hours but after the 12th hour I was ready to get on some hard land. When I landed in Taipei it was 30?C and it was 5am! Flying over Taiwan was ‘meh’ but I rather liked the sight of Malaysia, I’ll be looking forward to checking KL out in December.

So I got a hotel room in KL for a few hours and ate a meal on land and then shuttled back to the airport for another 8 hour flight. I still feel like I’m on and airplane or a boat… feels like the ground is moving.
On my first day here in Sydney (WOO HOO I’m actually here in Australia!!!) I met Mike who is from the UK. We got the same room in the hostel where I’m staying for the next 4 days at least… (same one as Andrea’s at too) and he’s a really cool guy. We went our separate ways after getting set up with a room and then I went exploring in the morning and bumped into him in Botanical Gardens downtown…. so we spent the rest of the day hanging out and had a few beers in the evening. I got to see the famous Harbour Bridge and the Opera House we all know about. I haven’t had a change to upload any pictures but I have taken some and I’ll ge them up when I can.

Sydney is a big city and it is probably like many other big cities, so after a week or 2 I plan to head north get into a smaller backpackers place, cheaper and more ‘Australian’. Haven’t set in stone where I would like to head but I know that it’ll fall into place once I’ve been here for a while longer.

Sydney Arrival Pictures Posted!


Sep 3 2003

Nurses and their Vaccines

Jeffrey Larson

Today I got my teeth drilled and filled and I also went to the health clinic to get immunizations for when I travel to Malaysia and Aus.
I am now immune (hopefully!) to Hepititis A and Typhoid.
Check out these pictures (from the travel pictures section):