Oct 28 2003

My Compass Is Messed!

Jeffrey Larson

Yo, I took a bus the day before yesterday to Townsville and then the ferry to Magnetic Island… decent length and I was entertained with the NZ boys and a Scot. We got in and chilled because there were barely any people at the hostel and even the whole island.

The next day we moved to a different hostel because I had a free night there, and then we went on a little hike over a hill to get to a deserted beach… it was really nice, big piled up rock formations everywhere and waves to swim in a bit.

We chilled for the rest of the afternoon and the Kiwi’s took off. This new hostel called ‘Geoff’s Place’ was absolute crap… I recommend that no one ever go there.

Anyway, I didn’t enjoy the sleep last night at all, and Scott the Scot and I are catching the ferry/bus to Cairns this afternoon. I have 2 free nights at a hostel there but I have no solid plans after that.

A few more pictures should be coming within the week.

Oct 25 2003

Whitsunday Fever

Jeffrey Larson

So folks I survived my sailing trip in the amazing Whitsunday Islands…. survived?! …. nah, I loved the whole thing.

I went sailing on the catarmaran called Tongarra and it was a blast. It was 3 days and 2 nights with 17 other people, on the water. We sailed, snorkled, swam, beached, photo’d a lot.

I had never snorkled before this trip and I gotta say that the reef was awesome. I saw beautiful coloured coral and fish and I saw a giant sea turtle and also a 2 foot long fish which could fit my fist in his mouth, I was scared he would bite my toes off…. so wonderful!

We slept on the deck of the boat under the stars and partied. We had pretty good food for meals and crew were a cool bunch of people (the 3 of them). We stopped in a couple different places fr snorkling on the reef… you’ll be able to see my underwater photos later when I get them developed. I saw the most white sand on Whitehaven Beach and swam in the most blue water I have ever been in… paradise yo!

I finally got some colour on my upper body… don’t worry, I was putting sunscreen on like a mother.

Check out the new album of photos people!

I’m heading to Magnetic Island tomorrow… traveling with 3 Kiwi’s (New Zealanders) that I met and got along well with on the boat.

Oct 22 2003

Going Sailing

Jeffrey Larson

I am going to get on the catamaran called Tongarra at 3pm today and sail for 3 days and 2 nights… I’m so stoked. Snorkling in the Whitsunday Islands will be fantastic… I’ll be sure to get some cool pictures up here later.

I’ve been in Airlie Beach for a couple days now and it is paradise… the ocean water is so nice and blue… the main street is cool with shops and the lagoon is great to soak in the sun-rays…. but no I have not been sunburnt!!!! Wearing 30+ SPF helps me out in this area.

Glad you guys are enjoying the pictures in the travel gallery… keep those comments coming, it’s fun to get them.

I haven’t heard from Andrea in quite a while… I wonder how she’s doing.

Anyway, Kate and Mike are here in Airlie beach too, they arrive a few hours after me, they’ll be looking for work on a boat, that would be sweet eh?


Photo of Airlie Beach

Oct 18 2003

Fraser Island 4×4

Jeffrey Larson

Yesterday I got back from a 3 day 4×4 / camping trip on Fraser Island and had a spectacular time. I had never driven a 4×4 before, especially not offroad, so the LandCruiser was tonnes of fun!

The group of people that I went with (there were 9 of us) was great, we had the best time. We drove along the beach a lot, and swam and floated down Eli Creek (freshest water!) and saw shipwrecks, sand-dunes, dipped in natural ocean pools, watched sharks, turtles and rays hang out at Indian Head. We camped and cooked together, swam in the fresh water of McKenzie Lake (clear blue water on white sandy beach!) and saw Dingos and other animals, enjoying the wild. Fabulous.

The pictures can be seen in the Fraser Island Album (but at the time of this writing they have not been posted yet.)

I’m staying on Rainbow Beach tonite as well, and then I’ll probably catch the bus up to Airlie Beach (to go sail the Whitsunday Islands) tomorrow or the next day.


Oct 13 2003

The Australia Zoo was RAD

Jeffrey Larson

Hey guys, since the last time I wrote I came down with a little bit of sickness, throat thingy, but I went to the doc and got some anti-biotics that seems to have it calmed down.

Anyway, after spending a whole day and a half in bed friends from Byron Bay came up to Noosa and we chilled and watched Rugby World Cup games. We were staying in a house in Noosa, me for just a couple nights but that fell through, so we (Mike Kate Amy and Anna and I) slept on the beach and then went to the Australian Zoo (pictures here). We then made our way to Coolum beach (really near Noosa on the map) and we are chilling at some of Mike’s family friends place…. nice house!

Anyway, tomorrow I’m catching a ride up to Rainbow beach to head off to Fraser Island.

I’ll catch up with you later….. and check out the loads of new pictures I uploaded…. sweet.


Oct 6 2003

Travel Plans Update

Jeffrey Larson

Today I booked the dates for the next major part of my trip. I will be staying in Noosa until next Tuesday (October 14) and then going to stay in Rainbow Beach for 2 nights. From there I go on a 3 day 4×4 Safari on Fraser Island. After that I can chill for a bit and then on to Airlie Beach on Tuesday, October 21… from Airlie I am going on a 3 day sail in the Whitsunday Islands (starts on October 22) Sweet!

After that I’ll make my way up to coast again… I have nights accomodation on Magnetic Island (near Townsville) and in Cairns.

I plan on going to the Australia Zoo tomorrow and see my first kangaroo.

I’m all alone again so hopefully I’ll make friends quick and have a chill week.

That’s my update.

Weather Report for really near Noosa

Oct 5 2003


Jeffrey Larson

I’ve moved on from Byron Bay, after being there for a week. I loved it there and now I’m going to continue on in my adventure.

I’ve booked a 4×4 self-drive safari on Fraser Island and also a Sailing in the Whitsunday Islands coming up this month…

I got a ride with Lis and her family to Noosa Heads today, so I’ll be here for a while until I go to Fraser… there is a bunch of stuff to check out here, the Australian Zoo, the National Park and surfing on the beach… so it should be fun.


Oct 2 2003

Pot in Nimbin

Jeffrey Larson

So yesterday me and a couple other Canadian guys rented a car and drove to this little town called Nimbin. I’ve met quite a few Canadians at Main Beach Backpackers here in Byron Bay… Mike and Amy from Victoria, Kevin and Adam from Toronto and Anna as well.

Kevin, Adam, Mike and I headed to Nimbin by car yesterday and the drive was quite nice… it was cool to terrain other than along to pacific highway (the bus route so far). Anyway Nimbin is a little hippie town where you can buy and smoke weed pretty much on the streets. This not being much of my thing, I just hung out with Mike and the guys, took some pictures and just relaxed in this different environment.

Anyway, its been raining here for the past couple of days and it kinda sucks but yesterday was a good use of a rainy day.

I’ve added some more photos of my site, from Coff’s Harbour and some from Byron, so check them out.