Nov 30 2003

T Minus One Week

Jeffrey Larson

I have now completed my loop around Australia, and am back in Sydney once again. I took an overnight bus from Melbourne Friday PM -> Saturday AM and checked in to a hostel in the City. I went to Hillsong Church this morning and that was cool, this time I went to the Hill Worship Centre and it was much bigger and a really nice place… took a long time to get there on the bus though. I still haven’t figured out what I am going to do for this last week in Aus… before I fly off to Malaysia… hey, if you have any ideas, suggestions and such, why not send me an email!?

Later, J.

Nov 24 2003

Kingsley College

Jeffrey Larson

So I’m staying in a flat at Kingsley Christian College in Melbourne (Glenroy actually) and I’m having a good time. I’m staying with Nate (Canada), Ryan and Brent (USA). It is now Monday and I’ve been here since Thursday. I am planning on making my way to Sydney sometime at the end of this week so that I can take in another service at Hillsong Church.

So far, I’ve walked around the downtown part of Melbourne a couple of times checking out the Victorian Market and the beautiful Botanical gardens… I’ve played around with taking the metro-trains which can take you just about anywhere. Most of these Americans have been working hard on finishing papers because classes just ended and so I’ve been relaxing. Yesterday and today they went on a little field trip to the Great Ocean Road so I have been chilling on my own. Today I’m trying to catch up on my journal entries which have fallen way behind (:

Have you seen all those new pictures I’ve uploaded? In the past couple days there have been hundreds of them posted… if you haven’t looked, check them out… and hey, make a comment or 2 if you are up to it!

Until next time, ………… -J-

Nov 21 2003

The Pride Of Africa

Jeffrey Larson

My trip across the classic coast to over the Great Ocean Road was fabulous. The bus was packed, all the seats full, but because we were able to upgrade to a motel accomodation instead of hostels, there were quite a number of older folk travelling with us backpackers… not the best but I had fun nonetheless.

When I first got on the bus I sat next to a Black guy, there were 5 of them on the trip, and I talked to him for a bit… his name was Isaac and they were all from South Africa. Anyway, he was studying the theology of the Anglican Church and Isaac was his Roman Catholic name given when he was baptised by the missionaries. Cool. At our first stop in Strathalbyn, he said he had something to tell me but said he would tell me later. OK, so he wrote a note for me in his journal and handed it to me saying “Put it back on my seat when your are finished.” What did it say you ask? Well it read “I am so sorry, but I am so very attracted to you, I cannot help but tell you this….” (!!!!) Wow, I have never been in that situation before! An African Christian homo hitting on me… uhhh, so yah “This is a picture of my GIRLfriend.” Apparently they were all gay and were travelling Australia after a convention or something. Crazy! What do you think about that?

Anyway, we drove past many pink salt lakes (colour from the bacteria that grows in it) and went to the Coorong for lunch, an aboriginal reserve… checked out some sand dunes and the shelly beach, saw the ‘big crayfish’ in Kingston, and landed in Beachport for the night… I was chilling out with a Dutch, American and a Swiss (french) group of girls, was fun. The next day we made it to Canunda National Park and checked out some cool ocean rock landscape, then to Umperston Sinkhole and saw the Big Blue Lake (bright blue!). We hiked around the rim of Mount Shank–a volcano crater–and then stopped in Nelson for lunch. After that we checked out the Petrified forest and some blowholes at the ocean. We checked out Tower Hill State Game Reserve (another volcano) where I stalked wallabies, emus and koalas. Then we finally got to the cool stuff near the Great Ocean Road at the Bay of Martyrs… 5 mins to the Grotto, and then London Bridge, to Port Campbell for lunch. We saw the Island Arch, Razorbacks and chilled in Loch Ard Gorge for a bit. Next, the Twelve Apostles were amazing! We checked out Maits Rest Rainforest Walk and then stayed at Apollo Bay for the night. Went past Bells Beach and then onto Melbourne… good trip.

It started raining when I arrived here which was a changed for me, and I found my way to Kingsley College where I am staying with a bunch of American students… cool free accomodation. Not sure how long I’ll be here or what I’ll be checking out but I’m glad to not have a tour planned. (:

I’m trying to catch up on all the pictures that I’ve been not uploading so be patient and they should be coming soon.


Nov 16 2003

What’s that Blue Stuff?

Jeffrey Larson

So I saw water again today, after being away from it for what seemed like a long time… I’m in Adelaide for the night and I even put on a pair of pants which I hadn’t done in a month and a half!

The 2 day outback drive from Alice Springs to Adeliade was relatively uneventful, since we were to cover 1600 km’s in 2 days we had to drive most of the time. There were only 8 tourists on the bus including myself and one of them was an insane lady… 3 Japanese girls, an Italian fellow and a Belgian couple. This lady believed there were conspiracy groups following her around because she was a scientist… and they made bad things happen. We stopped in Coober Pedy for the night last night and in that town 70% of the 5000 people that live there have underground homes… it’s an opal mining town and we had a bit of a tour and stayed in undergroud dorms. The power went out while we were underground and the lady said it was because of the stupid people… and that she didn’t like them. After it came back on 5 hours later, she said that it was because she wrote their name on a piece of paper and that they read it with lasers and turned the power back on. I’m guessing she had serious psychological disorder of something because she wouldn’t eat with us and “had work to do” which was her “personal business”. Schitzo anyone? Wierd?!

Anyway, I was surprised at how well the driver dude handled her, she was quite annoying and would go on and on about crazy nothings… I definately couldn’t do his job… well, I wouldn’t want to.

Tonite I am staying at a hostel in downtown Adelaide (pop approx 2,000,000) called Blue Galah and tomorrow I start on my 3.5 day trip to Melbourne along the Great Ocean Road… should be good… and once I get to Melbourne I have no plans except I must be in Sydney before December the 8th for my flight to Kuala Lampur… although I will likely go there earlier so I can attend Hillsong Church once again.


Nov 14 2003

Red Centre Touring

Jeffrey Larson

After 6 days of tours I am exhausted! I’m glad I have a day off to sleep and get some rest…. I’ve been up at 4-5am everyday for the past 6 days!

On my tour to the Red Center there were 16 of us… Germans, Brits, Mexican, Japanese and Swiss and French.

We started by stopping at a Camel Farm where I saw camels (opted to not ride one) and got attacked by a Dingo (: Then we stopped at Curtin Springs where people bought beer. Headed to Uluru (Ayers Rock) after that and it was magnificent. Great huge Rock! We checked out the cultural centre and walked around the rock. Then we went back to camp and watched the sunset on Uluru and also Kata Tjuta (The Olgas). Got up at 4am and then drove to Uluru to watch the sunrise on Ayers Rock, then we drove to the olgas and hiked through the valley of winds for 3-4 hours. Then we drove for quite a while to King’s Creek Station where we swam in the pool and camped under the stars again. Up early again, we drove to King’s Canyon for an early morning hike though, about 3-4 hours again… the view was spectacular and the cliffs amazing. Then we headed back to Alice Springs singing along to CDs and trying to guess which movie songs came from. Fun, so we stopped at Jim’s Place (by the camel farm) and got to see a singing piano playing Dingo (wierd!) and then headed back. We all got together in town at Bojingles pub and had some dinner. I’m just chuillaxing today and then I’m off on a 2 day trip to Adelaide early again tomorrow morning.

I’ve had much trouble trying to upload the 300 pictures I have taken over the past 6 days so I burned them to a CD and I might get a chance to upload them later. Sorry!

Hope you are doing well!


Nov 10 2003

Desert Venturer

Jeffrey Larson

I departed Cairns early early in the morning on Saturday and we headed to Millstream falls first… grabbed some pictures and headed on. There were 27 people on the coach that I toured in through the outback desert. We stopped at Porccupine Gorge where there is a huge pyramid shaped rock formation and we hiked down into the creek bed. We then went to Winton, a little town somewhere… (: Then headed to Hughenden for the night, watched the Rugby and slept off a headache. Up before 5 we were on the road again stopping at Python Gorge where we ate and checked out some aborginal art and the 3 sisters (the original!). We stopped at the Middleton Pub and refreshed for a bit, then we headed to Wirrilyerna Cattle Station for the night (Ranch). It was nice and I watched the sunset and sunrise here. We headed on and crossed the state border into the Northern territory on foot, stopped at Tobermorey and at a massive termite mound for some pictures. Last we stopped Atitjere Aboriginal Community for an ice cream… I’ve skipped quite a bit for brevity.

Overall it was a good hot experience and now I’m in Alice going on a tour of the Red Centre early tomorrow again (:


Nov 7 2003

Matrix Over Scubaroo’s Pillow Battle

Jeffrey Larson

Well my time in Cairns has now come to a close. I’ve spent a long time here, well not that long but long compared to the rest of my city stays.

This week I rented a car with a couple Canadian kids I met, Simon and Matt, and an Israeli named Hanin. The pictures can be seen at Cape Trib Day Trib.

Also, on Thursday night I went to see Matrix Revolutions with my friends Fred (from Germany) and Lee (Vancouver) and I loved it. It was a great time and I was so glad that I didn’t have to miss the 3rd in the trilogy while travelling.

On Friday morning was the opportunity I had been waiting for all weekend… I got picked up and taken to a dive boat to scuba dive at the Great Barrier Reef. I was so excited, I’ve never scuba-dived before. Anyway, we stopped at one point in the reef and we all got to snorkle for a bit before lunch… the reef was nice but after I while I began to get small bumps on my arms and such that looked like mosquito bites.

I got out of the water and they moved me to the stationary boat and looked after me for a bit. They weren’t sure what the problem could be and sure enough, the spots went away after an hour or so…. meanwhile, I wasn’t allowed back in the water and so I couldn’t do anymore snorkling or do my one chance at scuba diving the barrier reef. I was so upset that I didn’t get to do what I was so excited about… they weren’t sure what the problem was, could have been an allergic reaction to sea lice in the warm tropical water but I don’t know.

When I came back to my hostel I didn’t know how to get rid of my frustration… but “Frank” (Fred) helped by duelling me in a pillow battle… hahaha.

Anyway, I catch a bus early early tomorrow morning to … well heading to Alice Springs (its a 3 day bus trip/tour) so I’m off again!

I have put more photos into the Cairns album in the travel pictures section so check that out again.

I’m not sure how much internetting I’ll be able to do after this point (leaving the busy east coast) but hopefully I’ll keep this up to date.

Cheers mates.

Nov 2 2003

Fitzroy Island

Jeffrey Larson

I’ve now been in Cairns, Queensland for about 5 days and it’s been pretty good. I first stayed at Bohemia Resort hostel for 2 nights and did not meet anyone! so I moved to Asylum hostel which isn’t as nice to look at, but I’ve met heaps of people here, from Germany, Britain, Brazil, Canada and so on.

The day before yesterday I took a ferry to Fitzroy Island and spent the day in the sun and snorkling… it was nice. Before we got back on the ferry to come back to Cairns we saw a huge shark swimming circles right on shore, super close to the beach… exciting!

I have now book my way through the centre of Australia… I start a tour to Alice Springs next Saturday, I get to camp out at Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) and then tour down to Adelaide, and then across the south Great Ocean Road all the way to Melbourne. By the time this is finished it will leave me at about the 4th week of November, so my trip is half over which seems quite wierd… but I miss my Sarah so much and she tells me that we will see each other in less days that I have been gone so far. Nice!

I am enjoying myself thoroughly and I love the heat here… its usually 30-38 here in Cairns… just so you know. It’s kinda odd that when you walk down the street at night you get sweaty (:

I haven’t finished putting the pictures up from Fitzroy Island up, but you can look at the ones up so far.

Thanks for reading this!