Dec 21 2003

Final Day

Jeffrey Larson

Yo, so I caught the ferry/bus back to KL yesterday and it was fine. Took about 10 hours total, which wasn’t too bad, read a book and listened to my discman. So today was my last full day in Malaysia so I slept in (: and when I got up and got ready I went shopping. Went to BB plaza here in the Golden Triangle and then I caught transit across to Mid Valley… another big mall. Ok ok ok, so I did decide to get another digital camera before I came home, get it at a discount… so I bought a Canon Powershot A80, and all the fixin’, hey, sometimes you just gotta treat yourself (:

Anyway, I bought a few little things to bring home, and shopped around China town and Petaling Street, which is like a big market… where you can buy Rolex watch’s and Oakley for a few bucks.

Tomorrow morning I catch a coach KL International Airport and then its take off time to Vancouver through Taipei and LA. I’ll arrive back in Canada and like 10:30pm… get to see my girls smilin face when I get there too!!!! WAhoo!

I think I need to get up early and buy another bag to put some of my stuff in cause I now have more than I started with and the backpack doesn’t fit it all.

So, for those of you I will see soon, See you soon! … and for those who I won’t, hopefully I’ll talk to you soon!

Cheers mates!

Dec 19 2003

Reading Between The Lines

Jeffrey Larson

Yesterday I awoke early and had a coffee on the beach in the morning light, then I got picked up and went on a little Island Hopping tour thing… we went to a decent sized island and walked to a fresh water lake on it, and I did a little paddleboating around, watched the monkeys chill out on the jetty, and then went to another island, where I sat on the beach in the sun and read with a nice cold drink. Here I watched a lady buy a bag of chips, and just when she sat down at the table with them, a monkey ran and jumped up and took them right out of her hands, she screamed and the monkey went and ate the chips behind a tree… the dudes working there had obviously seen this before because they brought out their slingshots and convinced the monkeys to move to another dwelling place (:

After that we boated to a cove and watched eagles swoop and hunt fish, oh yeah, and we also stopped at a shark net where our boat guy fed the baby sharks.

Ask me what I did for the rest of yesterday and the whole day today… go ahead, ask.

OK fine, I’ll just tell you: I just sat on the beach and read… taking in the beautiful island beach scene and sun….

Tomorrow I will arise early and catch a ferry then a bus back to KL.

In KL I’ll most likely do a bit more shopping (:


Dec 17 2003

A Day of Firsts

Jeffrey Larson

Yesterday I had a good relax day, slept in really late and then just had a nice lay on the beach reading for most of the afternoon… walked down the street for some grub (Indian food again) and read before going to sleep again.

Today however was quite exciting… I woke up a bit earlier but not too early, and rented a motorcycle. This was my first time driving a motorbike and it was fantastic, what a fun thing. The other first that occured today was I saw my first wild monkey, well, actually a saw hundreds of them, they are everywhere in the hills on the island. I rode my bike to the northern part of the island, saw waterfalls, beaches, and some really nice scenery. I relaxed on one beach, had some Mee Goreng (Fried Noodles) and a Coconut drink.

At one of the waterfalls, I forgot I had the bike key in my pocket and lost the key… I thought this was disasterous, why me, but I got the bike started with another guys key, and made my way back to the rental place, and they just charged me RM5 (less than $2) for another key, phewf. I got some more gas and I was crossing the island, I took a bad turn and ended up having to go back to the beach near where I was staying. After that I changed and decided that I would not rent the bike again tomorrow… I arrange to go on an island hopping adventure tour thingy… should be fun.

Talk to you later,


Dec 15 2003

Northmost Island in Malaysia

Jeffrey Larson

Since I last wrote I took another day to chill in Penang since one of my days turned out to be quite stressful… I just walked to the Komtar mall and looked around, got a disposable camera and some batteries for my discman.

In the evening I went with a couple Irish girls and a Swedish guy and Sophie (the french girl, she caught up with me) to Kapitans Indian Restorant. I had Tandori Chicken and Naan bread and then a Banana Roti Canai for desert, yummy! and all for less than $5.

Today I got up early and caught a ferry north to Pulau Langkawi which is quite resortish and it has some nice beaches… today I swam in the ocean and read on the beach… tomorrow or the next day I think I will explore more and hire a scooter/motorbike to tour the northern part of the island, supposedly nicer beaches.

Not sure where I will go from here, but I might actually stay here until heading back to KL if I feel like it or I am told that I should not miss something within my reach.

Take care,


Dec 13 2003

Malaysian Cops and Robbers

Jeffrey Larson

Today was a strange day, with strange feeling mixing around inside me. Without going into too much detail here I think I’ll just copy a couple emails that I sent to my parents/girlfriend this morning:

From:	"Jeffrey Larson"
Subject:	a little hiccup in my plans
Date:	Fri, December 12, 2003 7:28 pm
To:	removed for security

Hey guys, I am fine here, but this morning I woke up and my pants had been
taken from under me while I slept in the dorm.  That would be fine but my
wallet was in there, along with my passport and flight tickets also... AND
my camera was on my belt loop, so I have pretty much lost everything I
would have prefered keeping, ya know?
Ok, so I still have the photocopies of my Passport, Visa and Driver's
license etc, but I do not know the numbers to call.  I found out the
Canadian Embassy number is (03) 2718 3333 there in Kuala Lumpur.  I am in
Georgetown, so I think I will have to catch a bus back to KL maybe
tomorrow?  The embassy was not open and people seem to think that they
will be closed tomorrow too, opening on Monday.
I borrowed RM50 (less than $20) from a Dutch friend, but I do'nt know what
I can do about money.  Mom or Dad, I think I'll need to call and cancel my
visa card, its a GM Visa like andrea's and dad you have a photocopy I
What else do I need to do?
I am going to go to the police station this afternoon and then I will
check my email later.
Please don't get too worked up over this, it's going to work out fine, I
am in good spirits and pretty cool about it, just sorta wish that I had
slept with all those things in my pillow case.  If you were wondering, all
the lockers at the lodge were taken so I didn't have that chance.
I love ya, and hope you guys are doing well

Oh Wait, there’s more, read on!!

From:	"Jeffrey Larson"
Subject:	YOU MUST READ THIS! sorry to have worried you
Date:	Fri, December 12, 2003 8:20 pm
To:	removed for security

I found my stuff!
Hey guys, when I went to call you and tell you the story after I sent the
email, the cleaning lady brought out my passport from the back and gave it
to reception,,, i was exstatic!  She led me back to the laundry area and
she showed me that she found my pants with everything in them in a laundry
basket with many sheets and stuff on top.  The only thing that was taken
was the RM70 (about $25) and my digital camera and case.  If it were any
other way I would probably be quite upset about having my camera stolen,
but its not so bad considering what I thought had happened originally.  I
am going to go to the police station anyway and get a crime report filled
out and copied, just in case I may be able to get something from travel
insurance, probably not?
I love you guys, and thanks for your prayers!! Two strange feelings in one
morning, I'm a bit shakey right now, but this after noon I plan on going
ot the beach.
I hope you are doing well.  Everything is fine here, despite that scare.
Love me.

.: Jeffrey Larson
:. <snip>

So yeah, that was this morning (excluding the chinese noodle soup that I ate while pondering what I should do now that all my important belongings had gone away)… after that I went and got a police report filled out at the cop shop here in Georgetown and that was fun because the policeman couldn’t speak english well at all… after that I went with some friends to Batu Ferrenghi (the beach) and walked around a bit, had a nice coconut beverage and ate some Mee Goreng (fried noodles). We caught the bus back (costs RM1.70) and now we’ll chill for a bit and then go grab some more food… not sure what kind yet (:

Tomorrow I will get up early and catch the ferry to Pulau Langkawi (langkawi island) where there are some supposed nice beaches… talk to you later dudes… I’m outta here!

Dec 12 2003

Cheap Eats, Stays And So On…

Jeffrey Larson

Hey all, since I last wrote, I went on a nice little tour of the Cameron Highlands for RM15… we went to seven places: strawberry farm, honeybee farm, food market, buddhist temple, butterfly net, rose garden, and tea farm/factory. It was quite good to see the terrain of Malaysia up in those high places, windy roads and lush green jungle around as well as cut out hill of farmlands. Where I stayed was called Father’s Guesthouse and it was really nice and only cost RM7 ($2.50 CDN!!!).

After that I caught the bus to Penang (north again) and I arrived at about 10pm and then went for dinner with a Swedish couple I met. We went to a little Muslim Indian restaurant and ate tasty Tandori chicken and pita-like bread with curry and spicy green sauces. We walked around the city a bit, to the ferry terminal and then I headed to bed. The 75 Traveller’s Lodge is where I’m staying and it is also RM7 per night.

Today I slept in and relaxed, I will stay in Penang a few days. After breakfast I went and found some cheap internet (less than $0.50 CDN per hour) and then read my books a bit… I just went out for dinner with some of the people in my dorm: a dutchman, vietnamese guy, and an indonesian girl… we had Chinese spicy fried rice and it cost RM2.80 or $1 CDN. Anyway, I’m not sure what I’ll do tomorrow, but I think I’ll take the ferry to Langkawi Island on Sunday.

Check out the new pictures why don’t you.

Dec 10 2003

Jungle Trekkin

Jeffrey Larson

Today was cool, I got up early and Sophie and I went up to the skybridge in the Petronas Towers (tallest in the world) and checked that out.

We had fun trying to figure out where to catch our bus to Cameron Highlands and then had a nice 4 hour bus trip through terrain that reminded me of video clips I have seen of vietnamese jungle…. cool! By the way, the bus trip only cost $4 CDN.

I checked into this guesthouse (it costs RM7 or a little less than $3 CDN for a bed in the dorm). I bought a bus ticket for Penang tomorrow afternoon, and then we went on a little jungle trek even though it was lightly raining. We walked down past the Robinson Falls and kept going through the jungle… so cool! Sounds of the jungle, little waterfalls everywhere and birds and insert chirping… I was loving it… it was a little wet which added to the experience and muddy in parts. At one point right before we came into the carved out farm on the side of the hill, Sophie gave a slight yelp and I thought she had stepped into the mud behind me, but when I looked back I saw he slipping and she tumbled into the foliage rolling down the hill a bit… oh my goodness thank goodness she was perfectly fine, it was funny to laugh about after.

We walked along the road for a bit and realized it was 9kms back to our guesthouse, so we hitchhiked and some young and nice Indians picked us up… it took 20 minutes to drive the windyroad back so I am so glad we didn’t have to walk back in the rain. Must have looked really funny though, we were soaking wet and Sophie was covered in mud, so funny!

Anyway, the east coast is in monsoon season and having floods and such about now, so I’ll be steering away from there, I’ll head to Penang (probably Georgetown) which is an island on the Northwest if you are looking at your map of Malaysia (:

Stuff here is super cheap, it’s a great change from the expensive Aussie land…

Peace out wiggity.

PS- Check out this link, its the Lonely Planet map of Malaysia, good one.

Dec 9 2003

KL Is For Short

Jeffrey Larson

Dude, I got into this country late last night… I didn’t get into this guesthouse I’m at until 1:30am which felt like (sydney time) 4:30am… ughh. After waiting for the customs line and waiting for the next bus to KL City, I had to knock at the owners place and he put me in a guesthouse around the corner from where I thought. It is super humid here and it was raining and 29 degrees at midnight last night.

Here I sorta keep seeing it as mexico in a way, sorta cause its a developing country, and Kuala Lumpur is probably a lot like mexico city… its a huge city, massive… driving is crazy and there are tonnes of little 100cc motor bikes swerving everywhere.

The people where I am staying at the guesthouse are very nice, and good to talk to… I like it.

Today I went for a walk around the very city centre with Sophie a French chick and we went up in the KL Tower (Menara) and checked out china town, the market, and also the National Islamic Mosque. Then we walked back and chilled for a bit… then Nasa (the owner dude) drove us around KL (in his Car, a normal sedan but of a brand I’ve not heard of) for a while and showed us the some of the city that we couldn’t see by walking, super nice! Later, Nasa took us for a real local Malaysian supper, which was right in a village in downtown KL. We ate little kebab things with peanut sauce, and fried rice in a fried egg, and shrimp fried rice with spicy soup poured on top (that’s how they eat soup) and it was yummy. I ate and ate, was very full after and the whole thing including some great fresh orange juice cost me about $4 CDN.

There’s a lot of people who will ask you if you want a teksi (cab) and most of the women wear coverings over their head and bodies (Islam is big here).
Anyway, I am catching a bus tomorrow to go to the Cameron Highlands and then I will probably make my way to Penang (Georgetown the city is there)… but the bus ticket tomorrow is all that’s for sure.


First Pictures!

Dec 8 2003

Powerhouse – Farewell Aussieland

Jeffrey Larson

Today is my last day in Australia, WOW! I fly to Malaysia this afternoon. I’ve had a terrific time in Australia, an awesome experience that I am so glad I indulged in. This pass weekend I went to Hillsong Church Powerhouse (18-25 yrs Rock service) and also the Sunday evening service at Hills Worship Centre. Powerhouse was cool, Marty led the worship and there was lots of dancing and then a aussie lady preached a cool message. Last night was rad too, there were about 3000 people there and Marty led again, I love this music! I wish I could sing with this band for hours!… I guess I’ll have to get some more of there CDs.

Yesterday I also went to one of the city’s markets and bought some Australian things to bring home. Shopping is not my favourite thing but it was cool to see the market.

I’ve booked a hostel in downtown Kuala Lumpur where I will arrive this evening. Wish me luck and pray for me entering this new type of country for the first time.

That’s my update, thanks for reading. (:

PS- In 2 weeks I’ll be home to hug my Sarah! Yay!

Dec 5 2003

Blue Mountains Are Blue From Far Away

Jeffrey Larson

Had a cool Blue Mountain daytrip yesterday… I quite enjoyed myself. First we went to the Sydney Olympic Park and checked out the building and stuff… then we went to Featherdale Wildlife Park, we were there for about an hour. Then we went and walked down Furber Steps and saw the Three Sisters and Katoomba Falls. We rode the Scenic Railway up the hill (this is the steepest railway in the world, 52 degrees!) and then made our way on a gravel dirt road out to the Grand Canyon… Grouse Valley. It was magnificent to look at. Then we headed to a pub and chilled for a bit before making our way back to Sydney. I got along quite well with the two English blokes an a few of the Dutchies that came along too.

I only have 3 more days in Aussieland!


PS- Email me you people! I promise I’ll reply…