Jan 30 2007

FileDisk ISO Mounter

Jeffrey Larson

Another Update: I have run into the same issue with Windows XP as many of the people who have posted comments below: the “Error loading C:\WINDOWS\system32\ShellExt\FileDisk.dll, Invalid access to memory location”. The solution I found is to add C:\WINDOWS\system32\Rundll32.exe (Run a DLL as an App) as an exception to your Data Execution Prevention (DEP) filter. This may not be the most secure thing to do, so I’ll have to investigate it more. Expect an update on this later.

Update: I revised the package to FileDisk ISO Mounter 1.2.1. The new revision contains a couple fixes for iso filetype support in Windows.

Today I was looking for a easy way to mount ISO images to virtual drives. I had tried and really liked Microsoft’s Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel however, it did not have a command line interface that would allow me to automate some of the setup of a virtual drive. I was looking to basically save my valuable mouse clicks.

If you have a large hard disk (as most of us do these days) and you often find yourself shuffling through your stack of CD/DVD discs looking for that software app or back-up disc or whatever, then saving Disc Images (ISOs) to your hard drive is the way to go. And now I’ve got a very small, slick and free virtual disc mounting tool that makes it so easy to access those disc images.

FileDisk ISO Mounter was packaged by me, Jeffothy, but consists of:
FileDisk (a virtual disk driver) by Bo Branten
FileDiskExt.dll (shell extension to handle iso files) by Sherpya
FileDisk.inf (installer) by Bilou Gateux

Download FileDisk ISO Mounter 1.2 FileDisk ISO Mounter 1.2.1 now! It’s pretty sweet.

Note: I have only tested this on Windows XP Professional w/ SP2. Use at your own risk, but also, let me know if you have any issues.

Mounting an ISO images file to a virtual drive is simple.

  1. Right click on the ISO file
  2. Click Mount via FileDisk and
  3. Choose the drive letter to mount

Umounting is just a simple. You can either

  1. Right click the ISO file and choose “Umount ISO image from drive…” OR
  2. Right click the drive itself (My Computer) and choose “Umount…”

Thanks to all those mentioned above for coding the various components. Hopefully my package helps some people who are looking for a similar solution. Let me know if you use it!

By the way, I have tried ISOBuster, DaemonTools, Alcohol and a few others but they all seem to be bloated for my purposes.

Jan 24 2007

Africa: We’re going there!

Jeffrey Larson

Sarah and I have now booked our flights to Africa for this June/July. Oh man, we are so stoked!

Map of Africa

We’ve booked a 4 week trip to South Africa and Madagascar and Tanzania for this Summer. We got a fine deal on flights with Emirates Air, $1900 plus tax each. This will fly us from Calgary through Frankfurt (Germany) and Dubai (UAE) to Johannesburg (South Africa), and then from Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) through Dubai and London (England) back to Calgary. We’ve arranged day or two stopovers in both Frankfurt and London to break up the long flights.

We’ve got the Africa on a shoestring Lonely Planet guide and we are starting to figure out where we want to go and what we want to see. Looks like flights are quite cheap within South Africa, so we’ll probably make a trip down to Cape Town. We both want to check out Ngorongoro Crater and we’re thinking about Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Not sure if you knew, but I (Jeff) got PADI scuba certification lessons for Christmas and Sarah got the same for her birthday, so we’ll be certified scuba divers before we head to Africa. We looking forward to diving with sharks and such off of Madagascar.

Ever been, or heard of someone going to these countries? Please post comments with any suggestions for stuff to do/see.

Also, watch for a new website that I plan on throwing together for our trip.

Jan 7 2007

GPS Camera

Jeffrey Larson

GPS Camera

I want my next digital camera to have GPS technology built-in. It would be cool to have a record of exactly where you were in the world (up to the meter) when you took each photograph. Not that I need a new camera, but I’m just saying.

I haven’t looked too too hard but the integration of these two technologies seems to still be something for the future.