Mar 20 2007

New Domains and DNS Services

Jeffrey Larson

I thought I’d share with you some good technical experiences that I’ve had recently.

I have moved my domains to new registrars, so that I could renew them for a full 10 years.

1. I moved my “.com” domains to

2. I moved my “.ca” domains to

I also started using a paid service for my DNS configuration. At first I was looking for a cheap domain registrar that included a very flexible DNS management tool, but I ended up using a separate service provider for the DNS stuff.

3. I now use DNS Made Easy for all my DNS configuration.

1. Domains Made Easy

I get 2 major benefits from Domains Made Easy over my previous registrar.

  • Cost is only $7.85USD per year, which is about $9CDN per year.
  • I was able to renew the domain for a full 10 year period.

There are a couple detriments that I can list too:

  • The phone support has only a US area code, and no toll-free option.
  • The services do not support “.ca” domains.


I have been very impressed with the services from

  • .ca domain registration is only $12.88 per year
  • The transfer of my existing .ca domain took about an hour (seriously!), as opposed to a few days for the transfer to Domains Made Easy.
  • I received a real person’s response to an electronic support request within minutes, even late in the evening.
  • I was able to renew my domain for a full 10 years.

3. DNS Made Easy

I purchased the Small Business Membership for $29.95 a year, and I can configure 10 domains with their tools:

  • The interface for creating, changing and removing DNS records is very easy to use, and it’s nicely layed out. It’s even got some cool record templating functions.
  • They support SRV records so that I can allow the users of my domains to use federated chat networks with Google Apps (For You Domain).
  • Their name servers are redundant and use a fancy IP Anycast system that gives them a 100% uptime guarantee.
  • I get wild card sub domain support, which I didn’t have before
  • I get Dynamic DNS support for any/all of my domains’ sub domains, which I didn’t have before.