A Day of Firsts

Jeffrey Larson

Yesterday I had a good relax day, slept in really late and then just had a nice lay on the beach reading for most of the afternoon… walked down the street for some grub (Indian food again) and read before going to sleep again.

Today however was quite exciting… I woke up a bit earlier but not too early, and rented a motorcycle. This was my first time driving a motorbike and it was fantastic, what a fun thing. The other first that occured today was I saw my first wild monkey, well, actually a saw hundreds of them, they are everywhere in the hills on the island. I rode my bike to the northern part of the island, saw waterfalls, beaches, and some really nice scenery. I relaxed on one beach, had some Mee Goreng (Fried Noodles) and a Coconut drink.

At one of the waterfalls, I forgot I had the bike key in my pocket and lost the key… I thought this was disasterous, why me, but I got the bike started with another guys key, and made my way back to the rental place, and they just charged me RM5 (less than $2) for another key, phewf. I got some more gas and I was crossing the island, I took a bad turn and ended up having to go back to the beach near where I was staying. After that I changed and decided that I would not rent the bike again tomorrow… I arrange to go on an island hopping adventure tour thingy… should be fun.

Talk to you later,


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