A hot mug of pudding

Sarah Marttunen

It is our last day in Spain. This time tomorrow we will be exploring Pisa, Italy! Hard to believe that our journey in Spain is coming to an end.

Last night we met up with my mom and dad as they are in Spain as well. We went with them to see a water\light show at the Barcelona Expo. It was fun to see them. Afterward we went for a cafe con leche and enjoyed swapping stories. We may meet them next week in Florence. Kinda cool to see family half way around the world.

Today we spent the morning touring Southern Barcelona. We went to the Picasso Museum which was very cool. It told the story of his life, each room a different phase of his career. It was very interesting. I discovered how much I enjoy his paintings! Next we jumped on our bus and saw some more sights. We just got down Christopher Columbus’ monument “Barcelona Colom”. It’s a tall skinny tower and you can take an elevator to the top… only 6 people at a time in the elevator though and room for about 12 at the top of the tower (: So it was up and down pretty quick.

Tonight we have a few sites left to see and then we train to Girona where we fly to Pisa. We have to check in at 4:35am so we’re sleeping in the airport… ugh! We are excited to move on to a new adventure, but will miss Spain. It is a beautiful country!

We’re posting more pictures of Tarragona on the site so take a look!!

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  • Mom Says:

    How awesome are the new pictures on here. Jeff – you Gladiator you. Good closeups to show how the colesium was built.

  • Dad Says:

    Hi Guys – Wonderful pics of Tarragona – so beautiful. Were the amphitheatres used for bull fighting or just other events? Have you seen any bull fighting rings? Loved the palaces and castles! Enjoy Italy.

  • Kari Says:

    Awesome pics you two!! Italy and Spain look soooo beautiful! Enjoy!

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