Adventures of Jeff Sarah and the Midnight Bandit

Jeffrey Larson

In the youth hostel in Barcelona we stayed one night. A weird night.

This youth hostel had magnetic key cards which I hadn’t seen before. Anyway, the keys sometimes didn’t work, and in the one night we stayed there, we had to get our cards re-magnetized a couple times, as some of the other people in our dorm did.

We didn’t meet all the people in the dorm as we dropped our stuff off in the morning and then went back for bed at a reasonable hour (before all the night-lifers would come back).

At about 2am there was a dude knocking at the door, after letting him in he was thankful, I guess his key didn’t work either, but he only spoke Spanish. Sarah and I tried to go back to sleep.

This dude was making so much noise, going through all his clothes, it was like he was reorganizing and packing his stuff up. Half awake I become half alert and kept my eye on him.

What made me question him was that he then went on to another bed to get some of his clothes… !

“What are you doing man?” says Jeffrey.

He says a bunch of Spanish, all of which I ‘no intiendo’.

“Who are you?”

He says more, I pick up the name Michael, and I think he saying that Michael crashed his motorbike and he was getting Michael’s stuff or something… mmm, I don’t buy it.

Sarah and the other girl (Italian) in the room wake up. They back me up with questioning support. The Italian girl demands he describe his friend as she thinks she knows who sleeps in this bed. It doesn’t add up. I think he’s robbing our room with us in it!

Sarah heads down to the reception for help while I stand in his way out the door to wait for more security. Italian girl sees her shoes in his bag of goodies, that’s it!

“That isn’t your stuff!”

I think he pretends like he accidentally took that and “oops, that wasn’t Michaels”.

This dude is wearing a girlish looking red hoodie under his jean jacket… “is that yours?”

He takes it off like he made another mistake, apologetic… weird.

He’s wanting to leave, but I’m in his way. It was probably only 30 seconds, but the reception dude comes after what seemed to be a long time. We tell him what we saw. A bunch of spanish… and they leave.

10 minutes later he comes back… asking what he took, none of us know because we were sleeping, I say I know he took the red sweatshirt but he put that back by now, and he had a bag of clothes. The reception dude takes the bag from our thief and puts the clothes back on the beds. He’s also got a little backpack on, Sarah and I wonder if its his or what. They leave again.

After a bit of baffled “what the?”‘s, we try to sleep again.

I think everything was put back, but I don’t know for sure what was in the bag. Crazy that this dude would take probably 20 minutes to rob a room with people in it. Didn’t make sense.

At about 4:45am, 2 French girls who were apparently staying in this room wake me up with what I’m pretty sure is swearing in french… “maird”? I tell about a bit of what happened, they’re freaking and then decide to sleep and do a thorough check for all their stuff in daylight later.

In the morning they questioned why we opened the door, how were we supposed to know… but they did say they still had all their stuff, since the precious stuff was locked in the lockers. Still, no one likes having their stuff gone through.

Weird night, gotta remember that one.

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