Café con leche con mi papas…

Jeffrey Larson

Sarah and I are now in Barcelona after spending yesterday in San Sebastian and taking a night train back to the Mediteranean.

Cathedral we saw in BarcelonaSan Sebastian was pretty and was quite enjoyable, really glad we went… althought the weather wasn’t sunny, this the first time on our trip.

We took a railcar up to a peak overlooking the bay (there was a theme park on top, but it was closed) and then walked down to the beach where we napped… which was well needed after a nearly sleepless overnight train from Tarragona (we were in a coachette with 6 people and the 6 seats folded down into 3 beds… not so comfy). The train ride back here to Barcelona was much better, we both slept almost the whole way (9 hours) which was great.

Went and checked into the hostel downtown here from the metro. It was raining almost all day but we did manage to go see a couple things in the city. We’ll explore some more tomorrow before catching a train to Girona (where the airport is for our flight to Pisa, Italy).

The food in San Sebastian was cool and they speak yet another language there in Basque Country… “Basque” fittingly. Here in Barcelona (in the state of Catalunya) they speak Catalan not spanish, but most people understand spanish, so it works out.

I’m going to try and upload some more of our pictures tomorrow… time to sleep.

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