Cape of Good Hope & Robben Island

Jeffrey Larson

Today is our third wedding anniversary and we had a great time.

This morning we got up and purchased tickets for the ferry/tour to Robben Island, which is the island near Cape Town where Nelson Mandela spent 17 years in a prison. We then drove out to the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point, there’s a cool park there.

The drive out was cool, through small beach towns the whole way, about an hour South of Cape Town. We walked up to the old lighthouse at Cape Point and had lunch on the rock at the Cape of Good Hope, which is the South-western most point of Africa. On our way there in the park, we saw an Ostrich, he crossed the road right in front of us, cool!

We hurried back to catch our ferry, and had to run from the parking lot to catch it. Made it just in time. The view of Cape Town from out on the water towards Robben Island is nice.

The tour guide on the bus that drove around the island told us about the island, it’s landmarks and also about some of the political prisoners that were treated so poorly there. He made an appeal to all of us to stop racism, and it was very touching as he shared his experience having been a black man affected by the apartheide system here in South Africa.

Tomorrow we are doing a couple scuba reef dives from the shore of False Bay. Should be pretty fun, I’m excited to try out our new skills and test out my new diving camera case.

Cape Town has been really great to us, we’re having a fantastic time. At the same time, we’re stoked at the change it will be to check out Madagascar which should be quite a lot different.

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  • Julene Says:

    Happy Anniversary! Welcome to the 3 year group! I’m so glad to hear that things are going so well and that you are having a good time! Have an awesome dive tomorrow!

  • Brantone Says:

    Happy anniversary you too!!!
    Gosh, seems like so long ago, and yet just recently at the same time.
    Love you two, can’t wait to hear more about your adventures (both in Africa and life).

  • L & V Says:

    Happy Anniversary! … and Happy Birthday to Jeffrey! Miss u here, but it’s great to hear you’re having a good time! We can’t wait ’til you get back with more stories.

  • Dad Says:

    Happy Anniversary and now Happy Birthday Jeff. The pics are great – I have a whole new appreciation now for warthogs! Happy trails, love you guys,


  • Laura L Says:

    Hey Guys! Really enjoying seeing your pictures and hearing about your trip thus far. Happy belated anniversary. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures! Stay safe…

  • Kari Says:

    Happy anniversary and birthday Jeff (and Sarah!) Sorry a couple of days late on your side of the world! Hope you continue to have great time over there!! Love you tons!

    P.S. Sophie says hi!

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