Cape Town

Jeffrey Larson

Hello from Cape Town.

We arrived last night at about 7pm. After a bit of a kafuffle (ie forgot which rental car company we went through…) we managed to find our car and our hostel in Cape Town. The car is a VW Polo – we both think it’s pretty sweet, wouldn’t mind trading it with our Jetta (:

Today was fantastic. Cape Town has certainly lived up to my high expectations thus far. It is a lovely city – maybe not the “prettiest in the world” as some have told us, but on the Top Five for sure. Today we took a cable car up to the top of Table Mountain which allowed us to see the whole of Cape Town from 1088meters. We took a hike down (Platteklip Gorge) which was quite nice (but we missed all of our hiking buddies from Canada!). About half way down this storm just flew in. The top of the mountain was covered in dark angry clouds, we’re glad that we made it down before the torrential downpour. After the hike we took a drive trying to get to the Cape – but the rain was coming down too hard, we’ll go another day. Now it is beautiful, clouds have rolled away.

We have quite the trip planned for Cape Town. Tomorrow we go wine touring in Stellenbosch. Tuesday we reef dive in False Bay. And Wednesday we will tour Robben Island (the prison that kept Nelson Mandela) and the jackass penguin colony near Simon’s town.

We’ve posted some pictures from Kruger National Park – more to come over the next several days.

3 Responses to “Cape Town”

  • Dad Says:

    What a great trip you are having – loved the pics of the animals – were you scared of that croc?? Miss you lots,
    Love Dad

  • Brantone Says:

    “jackass penguin colony”??
    obviously missing something on that one.

  • Jeffrey Larson Says:

    Jackass is the name they have for this type of penguin, it’s really just the African Penguin. Aparently they are called Jackass because they sound like a donkey when they call.

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