Jun 12 2007

Day: 2

Sarah Marttunen

Guten Tag!
The first leg of our travel to Africa is nearly complete. We arrived in Frankfurt yesterday morning at 11:00am local time. After several laps around the airport we found the baggage storage and the train station. We hopped on a standing room only bombardier (200km/hr train!) and made our way to Heidelberg via Mannheim. By the time we settled in to our room at the Kranich Hotel we were ready to go to bed, unfortunatly it was only 2:00pm (6:00am MDT). After a short nap we walked into the town and had a delicious meal of schnitzel and spetzel – of course with a hearty German beer!
Today we checked out the 250yr old Schloss castle along with the Apotheke museum. With all the walking we’ve done, we’re all tuckered out for our flights to Dubai and then Jo-burg.
Stay tuned for more later!

Jan 24 2007

Africa: We’re going there!

Jeffrey Larson

Sarah and I have now booked our flights to Africa for this June/July. Oh man, we are so stoked!

Map of Africa

We’ve booked a 4 week trip to South Africa and Madagascar and Tanzania for this Summer. We got a fine deal on flights with Emirates Air, $1900 plus tax each. This will fly us from Calgary through Frankfurt (Germany) and Dubai (UAE) to Johannesburg (South Africa), and then from Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) through Dubai and London (England) back to Calgary. We’ve arranged day or two stopovers in both Frankfurt and London to break up the long flights.

We’ve got the Africa on a shoestring Lonely Planet guide and we are starting to figure out where we want to go and what we want to see. Looks like flights are quite cheap within South Africa, so we’ll probably make a trip down to Cape Town. We both want to check out Ngorongoro Crater and we’re thinking about Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Not sure if you knew, but I (Jeff) got PADI scuba certification lessons for Christmas and Sarah got the same for her birthday, so we’ll be certified scuba divers before we head to Africa. We looking forward to diving with sharks and such off of Madagascar.

Ever been, or heard of someone going to these countries? Please post comments with any suggestions for stuff to do/see.

Also, watch for a new website that I plan on throwing together for our trip.