Cheap Eats, Stays And So On…

Jeffrey Larson

Hey all, since I last wrote, I went on a nice little tour of the Cameron Highlands for RM15… we went to seven places: strawberry farm, honeybee farm, food market, buddhist temple, butterfly net, rose garden, and tea farm/factory. It was quite good to see the terrain of Malaysia up in those high places, windy roads and lush green jungle around as well as cut out hill of farmlands. Where I stayed was called Father’s Guesthouse and it was really nice and only cost RM7 ($2.50 CDN!!!).

After that I caught the bus to Penang (north again) and I arrived at about 10pm and then went for dinner with a Swedish couple I met. We went to a little Muslim Indian restaurant and ate tasty Tandori chicken and pita-like bread with curry and spicy green sauces. We walked around the city a bit, to the ferry terminal and then I headed to bed. The 75 Traveller’s Lodge is where I’m staying and it is also RM7 per night.

Today I slept in and relaxed, I will stay in Penang a few days. After breakfast I went and found some cheap internet (less than $0.50 CDN per hour) and then read my books a bit… I just went out for dinner with some of the people in my dorm: a dutchman, vietnamese guy, and an indonesian girl… we had Chinese spicy fried rice and it cost RM2.80 or $1 CDN. Anyway, I’m not sure what I’ll do tomorrow, but I think I’ll take the ferry to Langkawi Island on Sunday.

Check out the new pictures why don’t you.

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