Chianti in Chianti

Jeffrey Larson

We have now arrived in Rome, our final city in Italy, before heading back to Canada with a stop in Denmark for a couple days.

The last couple nights were spent camping in Siena, south of Firenze in Tuscane. We had a really good time. Had one of the best Italian meals we’ve had in Siena’s old town. Also yesterday we did a 5 hour wine tour through the Chianti region. It was sweet. We went to a few small towns from Medieval times and also a winery that was in a 1000 year old castle. We tasted some pretty good wine and learned a bunch about the process. The bus full of people from all over the world was pretty fun too.

The Cinque Terre pics are all uploaded now, and the Venice ones are on their way. Look at them!

We decided we wanted 3 fulls days in Rome so we have all of Friday, Saturday and Sunday to check out the Vatican, the Roman Colosseum and Forum, and whatever else we can find. We’re pretty stoked to be in one of the most famous cities in the world.

Our last train trip was today was quite nostalgic… can’t believe this first trip of ours is coming to a close… this first GREAT trip! We’ve loved it, we’ve loved each other on another continent, and had so much fun!

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  • Dad Says:

    Hi Kids – what fantastic pics of Venezia, Corniglia and Vernazza – we are definitely taking a trip to Italy now! Can’t wait to see you – miss you tons.

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