Cordoba, Sevilla, Malaga… Oh My!

Sarah Marttunen

A bath under the palaceIf you didn’t notice, the site was down for a little bit but thanks to supersister things are back up and running. We have had some amazing adventures since our last update (which to us feels like months ago!). We went to Sevilla on Friday. It was beautiful. We saw the Cathedral & La Giralda (tower) and an ancient muslim palace called Alcázar. Both so different yet incredibly beautiful. The cathedral’s claim to fame is Christopher Columbus’ tomb. The structure is primarily gothic (check out the pics!). We climbed the bell tower which was cool and 34 ramps up. Very pretty view of the city.

Next we went to the palace. It was huge! There were some tapestries and tiles dating back to the 10th century, wow. There were some giant gardens attatched with a pretty little hedge maze.

Both these sites were incredible, but tough on the feet so afterward we sought solace at a cute patio cafe and had delicious prawns and salmoneja (our favourite dish in spain so far). We walked around the town a bit more and then head back to Cordoba.

Sarah in front of the Cathedral in SevillaThe next day we took the train from Cordoba to Málaga (Piccasso’s home town) for a beach day. Our first dip in the meditteranean Sea. In Málaga there was an ancient muslim city (Alcazaba), some parts nearly 2000 years old! We had a lot of fun exploring this old city. Unfortunately it isn’t kept as well as other sites we’ve seen. It was a hot day though, so in the afternoon we soaked up the sun at the beach and cooled off in the water. We wanted to try some of the seafood the city is known for, but by the time we got hungry it was 5pm and everything shuts down from 4-7… Spaniards eat at very different times than us we are discovering!

We are now in Granada our last stop in Andalucia. Tonight we are spending our first night in a tent! We’re staying at a campground just on the city limits that is really more of a hotel where you sleep in tents (: Swimming pool, tennis courts, laundry, restaurant, supermarket, a trillion showers and lots and lots of trees. Tomorrow we go and see Alhambra, a muslim fortress in the 11th century. Apparently one of the most magnificant buildings on the continent. It was the capital of the last muslim kingdom in Spain.

On Tuesday we take our first night train to Valencia here we will visit the Balearic islands. Very excited!

We’ve posted more pictures so check them out.

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