Dad’s Next Car

Jeffrey Larson

Nissan AltimaToyota CorollaMazda 6So, my Dad has been leasing a Honda Accord for a few years and the lease is up in the next couple weeks. I’ve never been very savvy when it comes to my knowledge about vehicles, and I think this comes from my Dad. There are those people who know it all, and those that just use a vehicle as a tool.

What kind of car should he get?

Some things to know before making a recommendation:

  • stay away from American makes, he’s had enough of Fords Chevys Chryslers, etc.
  • keep the budget under $30K
  • his Accord felt a bit too big for him but a Civic might be a bit small
  • his Accord was a little 4-cylinder with no guts, more pep is preferred.

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  • Brantone Says:

    I’ve always been impartial to Volvos, Audis and other European made vehicles. They’re pretty tough, pretty fast, and all-round just pretty … Although, they can also be pretty expensive …
    just my thoughts

    BTW, nice blog.

  • Jeffrey Larson Says:

    Word, you loved that volvo you guys had in Victoria. Is your brother still driving that? … although, I think you mean “partial” not “impartial” (; Are there Volvo and Audi models that fit into my Dad’s pseudo-criteria?

    BTW, thanks. I think I might be able to get used to using this thing.

  • Brantone Says:

    Yeah, I think that beast is still running .. just barely though … it always seems to be about ready to die, but hangs on …
    I’m sure there’s a model to fit the majority of the criteria, but the price might be a hang up – can’t recall off the top ‘o my head.
    I’m partial to being impartially partial. ;)

  • Mom Says:

    Umm – Would it not be Mom and Dad’s next car????

  • Jeffrey Larson Says:

    Mom, I suppose it could be both Mom and Dad’s next car… however, isn’t *your* car the Pontiac? If it ended up being Mom and Dad’s then that would be sweet, you would have 2 cars and Dad would have but 1. Or you could just let him buy the new one and then swap and make him drive the Pontiac. (:

  • Mom Says:

    Great minds think alike :)

  • Dad Says:

    Well well well. We have decided that we will not buy a car for us at all but just keep our Honda. I do like the Volvos also but find them a bit pricy. Thanks for the input.

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