DebugMode Wink Tutorials

Jeffrey Larson

Have you ever needed to help someone with configuration or use of a particular piece of software? Ever wanted a quick way to make a movie for your family or friends, they could follow along instead of writing out word instructions that didn’t seem clear?

For me, one thing being a computer engineer means is being the guy in the family that can help you with your computer stuff. I give help where I can, teaching people shortcuts for using their programs and setting up applications, and so on. I have used a couple tools to make videos for such a thing but it has always been quite time consuming to get the videos just right, in order to avoid confusion.

Recently I found an application by DebugMode called Wink. This program makes it really easy to create Tutorials and Presentations for using/configuring software. Wink renders Flash movies that can be simply displayed on webpages. The movies can also be saved as Windows Executables if you prefer.

I’ve created a sample tutorial to show you what Wink can do. This tutorial demonstrates how to set up a new mail account in Microsoft Outlook Express. Click on the thumbnail below to view it. Note that this sample presentation is about 1.5 MB so it may take a moment to load.

It should be noted that this sample presentation took under 10 minutes to create.

It’s amazing how easy this software is to use.

2 Responses to “DebugMode Wink Tutorials”

  • iPollesion Says:

    Thank you for this video, I am trying to find the right solution for the company I’m working for to create a useful “demo” with tooltips and pauses, showing exact positions. Thanks for this, it has helped me compare.

  • Eric Says:

    I find it ironic and funny that there is no tutorial that shows you how to use this and that the help sucks…. am I the only one? It works for showing someone how to do something on the computer well. What I want it something like an interactive powerpoint like slideshow in flash through this, and while I know it is possible it is not covered at all.

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