Dinner along a Rio

Jeffrey Larson

A Rio is a river street as they call them here in Venezia (Venice). We had some pasta and wine as the taxi boat motored and gondola’s paddled past last night.

Our camping ground is like a youth hostel, lots of young people, partying at the bar. We set up our tent too close to the pub last night and we’re quite surprised when the live music started. So we played some yahtzee instead of going to bed early. Sarah had a giggle at the Italian dude singing popular american songs like ‘Sweet Home Alabama’.

We’re going to have a day in Venice today, walking around and checking it out. Gondola rides are reeeeeally expensive so I don’t know if we’ll try that, maybe just a waterbus ride.

We had a really great time in Cinque Terre, and had lots of great walking time… to counter all that great Italian cuisine we’re been enjoying. We didn’t look at any museums or churches or anything there, which was a nice change, laying on the beach was great.

We finished uploading the Firenze photos, cinque terre’s are on their way up.

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