First Day in Madrid

Sarah Marttunen

Madrid GateOur first day in Madrid and we are loving it. We’ve been sight seeing all day and have seen a lot, wish Kari was here to translate somethings though! Our flight was OK, very very long. We didn’t sleep much and were exhausted when we finally arrived in Madrid. When we got here we went out to a tapa bar, which serves only appetizer like food… it was really tasty. We met a bunch of other travellers. Today we got up early and have spent the whole day looking around. It is a beautiful city. The Roman influence is beautiful, statues of roman gods all over. We went to the Museo de Prado which was gorgeous. One of the largest art museums in the world. There were some pretty interesting exhibits. We also took a bus tour around the city. It’s huge, over three times the population of Calgary! We’re feeling pretty jet lagged, but the delicious Spanish espresso helps (: We head by train to Toledo tomorrow. Maybe pictures in a few days.

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  • Derek Field Says:

    Jeff and Sarah,

    I’m glad you guys arrived safely. Thanks for the first post. I’m looking forward to pictures when you can get them online. Continue having a great trip.

  • Kari Says:

    Hey guys! I wish I was with you to translate! Glad you are having a great time! Can’t wait to see some pics! Take care!

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