Florence and Cinque Terre

Sarah Marttunen

My first weblog in Italy and we’ve already been here for a week. We started off in Pisa after spending the night in the Girona airport (1 hr from Barcelona). Needless to say we didn’t get too much sleep. But we quickly found a beautiful pensione in Pisa to rest. The tower is cool, actually quite comical. It actually leans… a lot! I was surprised to see it with my own eyes. I was also surprised to see everyone in the square posing as if they were holding the tower up. I mean everyone! Jeff and I sat and watched people for about and hour and laughed the whole time.

In Pisa we had our first Italian meal. It was so good Jeff wanted to go back and have more lasagna for breakfast! In short, Canadians do not know how to make pasta. It’s incredible, don’t be surprised if you don’t recognise me after all the weight I’ve gained (:

Next we headed Florence (Firenze) where we found a fabulous campground overlooking the city. We had yet another amazing meal and met a very cute older couple from the States (the most unamerican american’s I’ve met though). They “really enjoyed us as a couple” and invited us to stay with them in their Tuscan villa! We passed it up though.

The next morning we met my mom and dad for a touristy day in Florence. We spent much of the day exploring the streets and standing in line to see the duomo, a part of the major cathedral built and decorated by half a dozen different artists. We went to the art gallery to see “David” but didn’t feel standing in line for the remainder of the day was something we felt up to. We settled instead for a lovely replica in the square outside! We went to a different museum and saw some amazing art and pretty cool 14th century palace decor. We had a great pizza dinner with mom and dad and then shuffled them back to the train station (they’re in Rome) while we went back to the camp.

Next day we headed to Cinque Terre where we spent 2 glorious days. It’s a little peice of heaven on the north west coast of Italy. We camped just outside the national park in a village called Deiva Marina. Our first day we spent hiking the 14km (I think) walk between the 5 cities. It was spectacular! The tail end was harder and I feel like I climbed up and down nearly a thousand stairs, but for the veiws it was worth it. We swam in the turquoise water collecting quite an audience (I think because of Jeff’s gorgeously untanned torso!). The next day we rested on the pretty sands on Monterosso and had a delicious dinner in Manarola (both Cinque Terre cities). It was a great rest for our travel weary bodies. Except for the fact that this morning we got up early (5:30qam) to catch a bus that never came. So we had to “hitchhike” (is it still considered hitchhiking if you don’t actually get picked up?) the 3.5km walk to the train… with our enormous bags! Oh well, we’ll recoup here in Venice!

We arrived in Venice a few hours ago and are here until Tuesday. Then Sienna (wine country) then Rome then Kopenhagen then home! I can’t believe our trip is nearing it’s end. Still many wonders to see though.

Take a look at the few pics we’ve uploaded… this computer is slow sorry!!

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  • Mom Says:

    Your adventures still sound so exciting!! Umm, I can just taste that delecious Italian lasagna. Get some receipies if you can. Buy some spices. I love your pics. You have captured your time there well.

  • Dad Says:

    The scenery, artwork, and architecture look phenomenal – I want to go next. But lasagna for breakfast??? What a great time you are having!

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