Google Reader

Jeffrey Larson

My posting titled RSS Reader Application was a plug for RSSOwl, a Java powered application I started using for reading blogs and news sites.

I have since uninstalled RSSOwl from my desktop computer at home. The main motivation for such was the lack of the ability to synchronize read/unread articles between my office and home computers. I wanted to be able to read some articles at work, and some at home, and RSSOwl wasn’t doing the trick.

From there I went to find a web-based RSS Reader that would keep track of my read articles no matter where I read each of them. I found Gregarius which did the job quite well. It’s a PHP powered application that you can host on your own webserver, so I liked that.

Recently though, I found Google’s Reader on the Labs page and I’m really liking what I’ve seen. I’ve imported all my news and blog site RSS URLs with the handy OPML import feature and now I’m reading with the online feed reader that holds to my requirements. The other good thing about it is I didn’t have to create a new account with another website, since Google accounts are all integrated. I’ve got a Gmail account and to use the reader it’s the same account.

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