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Jeffrey Larson

JavaScript HelpOver the years I have done a decent amount of web development which includes some sort of JavaScript use. While most of this has been client-side javascript, I did refactor a web application for the BC Government: it was a server-side JavaScript app (ran on an old Netscape webserver) that used an Informix database which I reworked to be a PHP app (running on the Public Library Services Branch’s newly specified Linux Server) that used a MySQL server.

Anyway, I thought I’d share some of the resources that I most commonly use when I want to avoid “recreating the wheel” using JS.

DevGuru JavaScript Index
DevGuru has a fairly complete description list of built-in JavaScript functions, statements, operators, constants, objects, methods, events and properties. It tells you which parts of the language are partially supported (ie. certain web browsers) and usually gives small and simple usage examples. JavaScript FAQ
IRT (Internet Related Technologies) has an excellent FAQ for JS developers, beginner or not. The FAQ is organized by category and is quite comprehensive. IRT also has code sample examples that go along with most of the FAQ answers. Do have a look if you haven’t before.

Of course, if you’re looking for working javascripts to integrate into your project there’s always or Dynamic Drive DHTML.

Post a comment if you have some other good JavaScript resources you seem to keep going back to.

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