Jungle Trekkin

Jeffrey Larson

Today was cool, I got up early and Sophie and I went up to the skybridge in the Petronas Towers (tallest in the world) and checked that out.

We had fun trying to figure out where to catch our bus to Cameron Highlands and then had a nice 4 hour bus trip through terrain that reminded me of video clips I have seen of vietnamese jungle…. cool! By the way, the bus trip only cost $4 CDN.

I checked into this guesthouse (it costs RM7 or a little less than $3 CDN for a bed in the dorm). I bought a bus ticket for Penang tomorrow afternoon, and then we went on a little jungle trek even though it was lightly raining. We walked down past the Robinson Falls and kept going through the jungle… so cool! Sounds of the jungle, little waterfalls everywhere and birds and insert chirping… I was loving it… it was a little wet which added to the experience and muddy in parts. At one point right before we came into the carved out farm on the side of the hill, Sophie gave a slight yelp and I thought she had stepped into the mud behind me, but when I looked back I saw he slipping and she tumbled into the foliage rolling down the hill a bit… oh my goodness thank goodness she was perfectly fine, it was funny to laugh about after.

We walked along the road for a bit and realized it was 9kms back to our guesthouse, so we hitchhiked and some young and nice Indians picked us up… it took 20 minutes to drive the windyroad back so I am so glad we didn’t have to walk back in the rain. Must have looked really funny though, we were soaking wet and Sophie was covered in mud, so funny!

Anyway, the east coast is in monsoon season and having floods and such about now, so I’ll be steering away from there, I’ll head to Penang (probably Georgetown) which is an island on the Northwest if you are looking at your map of Malaysia (:

Stuff here is super cheap, it’s a great change from the expensive Aussie land…

Peace out wiggity.

PS- Check out this link, its the Lonely Planet map of Malaysia, good one.

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