KL Is For Short

Jeffrey Larson

Dude, I got into this country late last night… I didn’t get into this guesthouse I’m at until 1:30am which felt like (sydney time) 4:30am… ughh. After waiting for the customs line and waiting for the next bus to KL City, I had to knock at the owners place and he put me in a guesthouse around the corner from where I thought. It is super humid here and it was raining and 29 degrees at midnight last night.

Here I sorta keep seeing it as mexico in a way, sorta cause its a developing country, and Kuala Lumpur is probably a lot like mexico city… its a huge city, massive… driving is crazy and there are tonnes of little 100cc motor bikes swerving everywhere.

The people where I am staying at the guesthouse are very nice, and good to talk to… I like it.

Today I went for a walk around the very city centre with Sophie a French chick and we went up in the KL Tower (Menara) and checked out china town, the market, and also the National Islamic Mosque. Then we walked back and chilled for a bit… then Nasa (the owner dude) drove us around KL (in his Car, a normal sedan but of a brand I’ve not heard of) for a while and showed us the some of the city that we couldn’t see by walking, super nice! Later, Nasa took us for a real local Malaysian supper, which was right in a village in downtown KL. We ate little kebab things with peanut sauce, and fried rice in a fried egg, and shrimp fried rice with spicy soup poured on top (that’s how they eat soup) and it was yummy. I ate and ate, was very full after and the whole thing including some great fresh orange juice cost me about $4 CDN.

There’s a lot of people who will ask you if you want a teksi (cab) and most of the women wear coverings over their head and bodies (Islam is big here).
Anyway, I am catching a bus tomorrow to go to the Cameron Highlands and then I will probably make my way to Penang (Georgetown the city is there)… but the bus ticket tomorrow is all that’s for sure.


First Pictures!

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