Malaysian Cops and Robbers

Jeffrey Larson

Today was a strange day, with strange feeling mixing around inside me. Without going into too much detail here I think I’ll just copy a couple emails that I sent to my parents/girlfriend this morning:

From:	"Jeffrey Larson"
Subject:	a little hiccup in my plans
Date:	Fri, December 12, 2003 7:28 pm
To:	removed for security

Hey guys, I am fine here, but this morning I woke up and my pants had been
taken from under me while I slept in the dorm.  That would be fine but my
wallet was in there, along with my passport and flight tickets also... AND
my camera was on my belt loop, so I have pretty much lost everything I
would have prefered keeping, ya know?
Ok, so I still have the photocopies of my Passport, Visa and Driver's
license etc, but I do not know the numbers to call.  I found out the
Canadian Embassy number is (03) 2718 3333 there in Kuala Lumpur.  I am in
Georgetown, so I think I will have to catch a bus back to KL maybe
tomorrow?  The embassy was not open and people seem to think that they
will be closed tomorrow too, opening on Monday.
I borrowed RM50 (less than $20) from a Dutch friend, but I do'nt know what
I can do about money.  Mom or Dad, I think I'll need to call and cancel my
visa card, its a GM Visa like andrea's and dad you have a photocopy I
What else do I need to do?
I am going to go to the police station this afternoon and then I will
check my email later.
Please don't get too worked up over this, it's going to work out fine, I
am in good spirits and pretty cool about it, just sorta wish that I had
slept with all those things in my pillow case.  If you were wondering, all
the lockers at the lodge were taken so I didn't have that chance.
I love ya, and hope you guys are doing well

Oh Wait, there’s more, read on!!

From:	"Jeffrey Larson"
Subject:	YOU MUST READ THIS! sorry to have worried you
Date:	Fri, December 12, 2003 8:20 pm
To:	removed for security

I found my stuff!
Hey guys, when I went to call you and tell you the story after I sent the
email, the cleaning lady brought out my passport from the back and gave it
to reception,,, i was exstatic!  She led me back to the laundry area and
she showed me that she found my pants with everything in them in a laundry
basket with many sheets and stuff on top.  The only thing that was taken
was the RM70 (about $25) and my digital camera and case.  If it were any
other way I would probably be quite upset about having my camera stolen,
but its not so bad considering what I thought had happened originally.  I
am going to go to the police station anyway and get a crime report filled
out and copied, just in case I may be able to get something from travel
insurance, probably not?
I love you guys, and thanks for your prayers!! Two strange feelings in one
morning, I'm a bit shakey right now, but this after noon I plan on going
ot the beach.
I hope you are doing well.  Everything is fine here, despite that scare.
Love me.

.: Jeffrey Larson
:. <snip>

So yeah, that was this morning (excluding the chinese noodle soup that I ate while pondering what I should do now that all my important belongings had gone away)… after that I went and got a police report filled out at the cop shop here in Georgetown and that was fun because the policeman couldn’t speak english well at all… after that I went with some friends to Batu Ferrenghi (the beach) and walked around a bit, had a nice coconut beverage and ate some Mee Goreng (fried noodles). We caught the bus back (costs RM1.70) and now we’ll chill for a bit and then go grab some more food… not sure what kind yet (:

Tomorrow I will get up early and catch the ferry to Pulau Langkawi (langkawi island) where there are some supposed nice beaches… talk to you later dudes… I’m outta here!

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