Powerhouse – Farewell Aussieland

Jeffrey Larson

Today is my last day in Australia, WOW! I fly to Malaysia this afternoon. I’ve had a terrific time in Australia, an awesome experience that I am so glad I indulged in. This pass weekend I went to Hillsong Church Powerhouse (18-25 yrs Rock service) and also the Sunday evening service at Hills Worship Centre. Powerhouse was cool, Marty led the worship and there was lots of dancing and then a aussie lady preached a cool message. Last night was rad too, there were about 3000 people there and Marty led again, I love this music! I wish I could sing with this band for hours!… I guess I’ll have to get some more of there CDs.

Yesterday I also went to one of the city’s markets and bought some Australian things to bring home. Shopping is not my favourite thing but it was cool to see the market.

I’ve booked a hostel in downtown Kuala Lumpur where I will arrive this evening. Wish me luck and pray for me entering this new type of country for the first time.

That’s my update, thanks for reading. (:

PS- In 2 weeks I’ll be home to hug my Sarah! Yay!

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