Reading Between The Lines

Jeffrey Larson

Yesterday I awoke early and had a coffee on the beach in the morning light, then I got picked up and went on a little Island Hopping tour thing… we went to a decent sized island and walked to a fresh water lake on it, and I did a little paddleboating around, watched the monkeys chill out on the jetty, and then went to another island, where I sat on the beach in the sun and read with a nice cold drink. Here I watched a lady buy a bag of chips, and just when she sat down at the table with them, a monkey ran and jumped up and took them right out of her hands, she screamed and the monkey went and ate the chips behind a tree… the dudes working there had obviously seen this before because they brought out their slingshots and convinced the monkeys to move to another dwelling place (:

After that we boated to a cove and watched eagles swoop and hunt fish, oh yeah, and we also stopped at a shark net where our boat guy fed the baby sharks.

Ask me what I did for the rest of yesterday and the whole day today… go ahead, ask.

OK fine, I’ll just tell you: I just sat on the beach and read… taking in the beautiful island beach scene and sun….

Tomorrow I will arise early and catch a ferry then a bus back to KL.

In KL I’ll most likely do a bit more shopping (:


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