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Jeffrey Larson

So I started using this News Reader Application. I was checking out a bunch of the ones I could find on the net. Installing them, trying a bunch of different types of feeds, news/blogs/etc and I stuck with one particular reader for now.

This RSSOwl is currently in version 1.1.1 and works really well.
I have a stack of software applications that I like to keep track of versions and updates for, and it’s a pain to visit each and every one of their respective sites. So with RSSOwl, I just add the RSS Feed’s URL and I am notified of updates whenever, as long as I have RSSOwl open, simplifies it a lot.

I’ve also been checking Brenton’s Blog often, so RSS is coming in handy! I’m going to try and add a feed generator for the Hills of Japan site when I can as well.

I’ve always thought that windows apps created with Java have been slow with respect to their GUI response. RSSOwl is a true Java app and its quick! Doesn’t look to out of place either.

You should check it out, if you can see an application of its use for yourself.

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