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As you probably know, I maintain a webserver running Linux for serving my website and a number of others that I maintain/host/support. SSH is the way to access this machine remotely.

I have almost always used PuTTY as my SSH client of choice. A few weeks ago I was helping one of my co-workers (Dale Jamieson) with updating a webpage for his sailing club. I downloaded PuTTY for him by default, but he had been told to use SSHTerm. So, I checked it out and was kinda impressed. I haven’t played around with it enough but it does have some interesting attention grabbers.

SSHTerm Professional seems to support common SSH1 and SSH2 (telnet like) shell interfaces, in addition to SFTP and a secure VNC as well! I’ve used TightVNC (get’s updated rarely!) and Ultr@VNC (the VNC of choice for me at the moment) for remote desktop usage in the past but I haven’t had a program that brings it all together.

I supposed one drawback is that its a larger setup instead of small executables without the need for installation (like TightVNC Viewer and PuTTY). But a positive is that SSHTerm brings ease of use by integrating GUI control with SFTP and SSH (without leaving out the command line usability).

What do you use?

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  • Brantone Says:

    I don’t really use anything right now … unfortunately, my current host doesn’t support shell login, which is a royal p.i.t.a. cause i have to ftp everything to the server .. argh!

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