Summer Hikes

Jeffrey Larson

Sarah and I have been on a number of hikes lately. I decided to show you almost exactly where we hiked using Google Maps. I’m going to continue to update this posting as more hikes are completed.

Click a hike to show it on the map:

Please note that the path taken for each hike has been approximated.

3 Responses to “Summer Hikes”

  • Derek Field Says:

    Jeff, that’s cool that the maps aren’t just images. How do you have a website within a website? How were you able to draw in your path that zooms appropriately with the zoom level?

    Anyway, that’s great that you’ve been on some hikes. We’re blessed to live so close to the mountains that God formed and created.

  • Mom Says:

    Those are two REALLY LONG hikes. I am sure you saw some sights that took your breath away…..oh, as well as scaling the mountain sides. Thanks for sharing with the maps.

  • Jeffrey Larson Says:

    Google Maps provides an API to allow developers to build applications that utilize there maps.

    The API describes a Javascript interface to Google’s Mapping technology.

    I’ve included in this posting as an iframe. It is a HTML tag you can google. The reason I couldn’t just put the map right in the post is because Google Maps requires a license key to work, and they give one key, per user, per website URL. I chose for my key.

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