Summer Trips

Jeffrey Larson

August 15 Update: Added Milk River
July 18 Update: Created map, Added Heart Mountain and Crypt Lake

Sarah and I have been on a number of hikes trips lately. I have decided to show you almost exactly where we hiked went using Google Maps. I’m going to continue to update this posting as we complete more hikes trips.

The trips are sorted in reverse chronological order. Click a hike trip title to show it on the map:

  1. Milk River – Canoe (NEW!)
  2. Crypt Lake (Waterton Park) – Hike
  3. Heart Mountain – Scramble

The interface used here is actually Google Maps. You can zoom in/out by using the +/- buttons on the map and you can also pan by grabbing the map and pulling it in any direction.

Please note that the path taken for each trip has been approximated.

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